Workspace Motivators For People Who Work From Home

by WorkFromHome on November 12, 2011

Every work from home business utilizes a workspace. You design, plan, and create at your desk or in your studio. The atmosphere and attitude of your workspace dictates your motivation level. Evaluate your workspace, and find motivation every day by implementing these tips.

Limit Clutter

When you cannot see you desk or walk into your workspace, you find yourself dreading work. To increase your motivation to work from home, clean out your workspace. Toss unused supplies. Donate unwanted items to charity. Complete half-finished projects lying on the desk or floor. File paperwork. Remove items not associated with your work such as laundry or toys. Create a clean, organized workspace in which to work at home.

Limiting clutter on a regular basis also increases your motivation. When you walk into your workspace and can easily sit down and begin working, your mood and attitude improve. You feel comfortable inviting clients into your workspace, and your neat office demonstrates your attention to detail and neatness. Additionally, you feel more peaceful and motivated for work when you know you can easily access your workspace without performing major housekeeping beforehand.

Make Space

Cramming your workspace into a closet when you really need a large room prevents you from doing your job properly and results in a lack of motivation or excitement for your work. After you realize you need a larger space, analyze your home for workspace options. Convert an attic, garage, spare room, or sunroom into a workspace. Purchase smaller office furniture. Utilize wall space to hang paperwork and supply bins. Store extra supplies in another room. Increase your motivation by ensuring your workspace meets your work at home needs.

Ensure Privacy

Working at home provides you with numerous opportunities for interruptions from family, friends, or clients. You may hesitate to begin work if you suspect interruptions will hinder your progress. Increase motivation by creating a private workspace. To limit access to your workspace, build a wall, erect a room divider, or install a door. If you need a quiet workspace, turn on a white noise or sound machine to drown loud background noises. Schedule projects that require concentration or privacy for solitary hours when you are home alone. Privacy remains a priority and necessity for professions in which clients share personal information. Insist on privacy, and increase your ability and motivation to work at home.

Select Supplies

When you sit down to work and do not have the supplies you need to perform your job, you lose creativity and motivation. Post a written list of supplies you need to purchase. Schedule regular shopping trips or order supplies online for home delivery. Stock your workspace with necessary supplies, and increase your motivation to work whenever inspiration strikes.

Ensure your supplies work properly. When you begin to carve a chair or groom a dog, a malfunctioning tool or dull scissors wastes time. Follow manufacturer’s recommendations for your supplies, and keep them clean. Replace each supply into its assigned storage box after you finish using it. Take time to organize and maintain your equipment in top working order for increased motivation.

Add Color and Fragrance

Use color to create a motivational workspace. Soft, muted colors calm the atmosphere while bright, vibrant colors increase excitement. Paint a wall or the door for permanent color or add temporary sparkle with colored window furnishings or a rug. Utilize mild, removable splashes of color with pillows or wall hangings. Whether you work from home as an artist or an accountant, color soothes and motivates you to finish projects in your motivational work environment.

Surround yourself with fragrant motivation by lighting a candle or air freshener with a positive connotation from an experience or memory. Eliminate odors by thoroughly cleaning your workspace and emptying trashcans regularly. A fresh, pleasant atmosphere motivates you to work and make money from home.

A few simple changes to your workspace can motivate you to work harder and smarter from home. Maintain a colorful, clean, organized, and private workspace full of motivation as you work at home.

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