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by WorkFromHome on September 21, 2011

Work from home typing jobs have become a viable employment option for many people. They provide flexible hours, steady incomes and the ability to work from the comfort of your own home. However, it is important to know that not all of the typing jobs now widely advertised on the Internet are similar in structure or in how they will pay you. In too many cases, these job offers are only scams. Before applying for a work at home typing job it is important to understand how they work and ways to avoid being scammed. Here are some important things to know when considering a typing job offer.

How They Work

There are a multitude of different types of online typing jobs. Depending upon the company, the typing skills required can include data entry, writing articles or ad copy, transcribing records, processing orders or submitting blog posts. Although many companies advertise that no experience is required, there is usually a screening process that includes a “words per minute” typing test, a questionnaire about your educational background or a combination of both. Once you have passed the initial screening portion of the application, a sample work will usually need to be completed that tests both the accuracy and speed of the task presented. In some cases, a small investment in items like a good headset or compatible software may be necessary for both taking the test and, later, working for the company.

But before jumping through these hoops or purchasing items, research how the company will provide you with work after you’ve successfully passed the application process. Some will have jobs that you can pick and choose from on their website, some will send work to your email, while others may require that you bid against fellow employees for a task. Be sure that the structure of how the company will provide you steady work meets both your time and income expectations.

How You Get Paid

How you will be paid is often the deciding factor on whether a company is legitimate or if they are a scam. If a company advertises that you can make thousands of dollars per month completing typing work from home, they are probably a scam. In a legitimate company, that is not going to happen. You will make a steady income and be paid, but it will be based upon factors such as a set amount per form completed, number of orders processed, pennies per word or a flat fee per article. Be sure to fully understand the basics of how much you will be paid per task and how you will receive your payout. Most companies pay through bank transfers or mailed checks, but there may be a minimum balance of $50 or more required in your account before they will forward the money.

Be aware that the biggest category of work from home typing jobs advertised today are actually affiliate marketing structures that require long-term commitments for payouts. These companies have you write advertising or promotional materials that you then post to sites they suggest. You will only make money from these posts when a customer clicks on the link and makes a purchase. While this does hold the potential for long-term residual payouts, it can often takes years before a decent income level is realized.

How to Recognize Scams

As with all work at home job offers these days, there are many typing jobs advertised that are nothing more than scams. They will usually require you to pay an “application fee” or provide detailed personal information before being considered for the job. No legitimate company will request an up-front fee or ask for personal information before you have been hired. Once you have given a scam company what they are after, there will be no work and you will have lost the money you sent to them. Always research the background of any company that you are considering working for and carefully read through their FAQs and contracts. There are many good work at home typing jobs available that can provide a steady income. Just don’t be tricked by the scam offers while you look for them.

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