Work from Home Jobs that Require no Special Skills

by WorkFromHome on October 23, 2011

It can be so frustrating to find a job posting for the perfect work from home job, only to find that it requires very specific qualifications or a pre-set number of years working in the industry. Unfortunately, a large percentage of available work from home jobs require a certain level of expertise and even a college degree, in some instances. If you are patient and willing to research, however, you can find a variety of available jobs in many industries that do not require specific skills. Although these jobs are much more competitive, if you apply early and often, submit a professional resume’, and follow up with the company or job poster, you can truly land the perfect work from home job. Here are some of the most popular work from home jobs that require little to no specialized training or education.

Customer Service

Customer service agents act as the virtual “face” of small and large corporations. They may handle everything from billing inquiries and incoming calls to outgoing follow-up emails, online chat sessions, and even sales calls. Proficient and thorough training is provided by each hiring company, although the length and pay may vary. For most customer service jobs, the only requirements are typically a quiet home office space, landline phone, high-speed internet, and computer with compatible operating system and available memory. Some companies may require you to purchase a professional headset, while others may purchase one for you.

If you love interacting with customers, troubleshooting various problems, answering questions, and resolving issues, you will love working from home as a customer service agent. Most customer service agents work a set part-time or full-time schedule, per the company’s needs. Some companies require customer service agents to be available to work on weekends and holidays, as well.

Online Surveys

If you always have an opinion, love sharing your honest feedback with companies, and enjoy cash, prizes, and gift cards, you will love earning money from home as an online survey taker. Market research companies, large corporations, and many online websites and retailers rely heavily on the feedback gathered from consumer surveys. Most of the changes, marketing campaign tweaks, promotions, and staff changes result from the feedback generated from customers on and offline.

The only thing you need to get started with online surveys is access to a computer and the internet. There are thousands of reputable and legitimate online survey sites that pay you a set fee in exchange for your time and opinion. Some surveys deal with specific industries or lifestyles. Others are more engaging, involving a company’s website or navigational tools to complete the survey. Third party survey sites and market research companies often offer a large pool of open surveys. Users simply log in and select available surveys from the open queue list. Other companies prefer to send out survey invitations via email.

The key to making good money with online surveys is to join as many survey companies as possible, provide honest and efficient feedback, and try to take advantage of as many survey invitations as possible. Invitations typically limit the number of candidates and expire after a set period of time. Check your email throughout the day to take advantage of newly-posted surveys. Also, be aware that there are many scam artists out there. Any company charging a fee for access to online surveys is a definite scammer.

Data Entry

Data entry jobs are among one of the most competitive opportunities in the work from home industry. The reason for this is that data entry jobs are typically among the highest-paying work from home opportunities for those without any specialized skills or training. Another reason that data entry is so competitive is that few people rarely leave their jobs once they are hired. When a new data entry position or job is posted, there are typically only one or two open positions within any given company. One data entry job posting can yield hundreds and even thousands of applicants. If you are persistent, check the job boards and work from home forums often throughout the day, send along a professional resume’, and apply quickly, it can put you at the front of the applicant pack and give you a much better shot at being hired.

Sometimes local small businesses, law offices, schools, hospitals, medical offices, and financial companies require data entry specialists. When you look local, you eliminate a lot of the competition. In fact, in some instances you may even be the only applicant or candidate when you keep your search local.

Although having specialized training, a degree, or industry-related experience can yield more online job opportunities, there are many industries that simply require a computer and the internet to begin earning good money from home.

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