Work At Home Customer Service Jobs: Dream Position or Internet Scam?

by WorkFromHome on December 3, 2011

Anyone who is looking for a work at home career has seen the advertisements for customer service positions. Some companies are advertising for employees, and others are looking for contractors or freelancers. Most people simply overlook these advertisements because they seem too good to be true. The thought of performing help desk work from the comfort of your home seems too easy. Because it is easy, it must be a scam.

The truth is that there are many legitimate customer service jobs out there, and there are scams. Knowing how to distinguish between the two can lead you into a great career that can be done from home.

Legitimate Customer Service Positions

Legitimate customer service positions do exist, and there are a lot of these positions available. Many major companies are hiring for:

  • Help Desk operators
  • Online help for live chat assistance
  • Order takers
  • Service scheduling
  • Appointment setting
  • Customer care and follow up

These companies have international clients and hire for positions that fill every time slot.

To find one of these positions you can start by searching online job sites. Most companies now advertise with job listing services. Some companies will use a temp service, but this is becoming more uncommon.

When you apply to one of these companies you can expect to go through a hiring process just like an office based job. You will be required to submit a resume, conduct an interview and accept the offer for employment. Some companies may require a deposit on their software, but this is a practice that is quickly fading.

You should expect to earn the same per hour as an office based employee. Some companies are paying a little bit higher because of their reduced office expenses. You should confirm how often you are paid before accepting the job. Many of these companies will offer auto deposit or will pay by Paypal if you request.

Companies may allow you to select the hours you wish to work, while others only have specific time slots available. This will be up to you to decide if you want to accept the position. You may be required to install a land-line dedicated to your job if you are a call center representative. Call centers do not allow employees to use cell phones because of the risk of dropping calls.

How To Spot A Customer Service Scam

When you are searching for this type of position on the Internet you are bound to come across many advertisements and websites claiming that they have customer service positions just waiting to be filled. They make outrageous claims about pay rates and income. They may also require you to pay for the information. These are obvious scams. To spot a scam quickly look for:

  • Any site claiming super-high rates of pay. It just doesn’t happen in real life.
  • Any site offering to sell you a book or download with names of companies hiring. This is a scam. Businesses do not list their employment requirements in a book, they run a classified advertisement to fill the position.
  • Any site requiring you to pay for placement into a position.
  • Any company run on a sub domain website
  • Any company with a web based email address for contact information
  • Any company that does not have a street address listed on the company “about us” page.
  • All companies that request that you complete a transaction to have access to the job
  • Any company that wants you to work for free or do a “trial” run
  • Any company that does not require you to fill out an application or conduct an interview to be hired.
  • All companies that claim that you are “already hired.”
  • Any company that does not list the job opportunities on the main site for the company. All major corporations have online HR departments on their main site.

There is never any reason that you should have to pay to get work in the home-based customer service industry. While these are not all the scams that are out there, they are the most common. Use your instinct.

There are many jobs available in this industry that are legitimate and pay well. All it takes is a little research and common sense and you will be able to avoid all of the scams.

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