What To Do When Your Family Threatens Your Motivation

by WorkFromHome on December 2, 2011

Many people who choose to work from home do so in order to provide financially for their families or to spend more time at home. Yet these same loved ones for whom you work at home also distract you from finishing projects or starting your workday. Rather than avoiding work in order to care for your family, find ways to balance your responsibilities and motivate yourself to work.

  • Childcare
    The difficulty of finding reliable childcare causes you to lose motivation to work at home. The constant noise from children can cause interrupt your concentration and hamper your motivation to work. Several solutions to the childcare challenge require careful planning.

    Work while the children attend school, during naptime, before they wake, up or after their bedtime. Hire a reliable babysitter or trade babysitting services with a friend. Ask your partner to walk the children to the park while you work. Schedule movie time with popcorn, challenge them to read for 30 minutes, or assemble an art craft they can work on peacefully while you work. Store a bin of toys in your office that keep your little one’s hands and bodies busy while you work. Take breaks every 20 minutes to read a book, dance, or engage them in activities.

  • Finances
    Whether you work at home as the sole provider or supplement your family’s budget, financial pressures paralyze or motivate you. Handle these pressures by facing your financial facts. With your partner, decide on a reasonable household budget. If your business provides unpredictable income, stock an account to pay bills during lean financial weeks. Save money to pay taxes on your income. Keep accurate records for accounting purposes, and maintain a close relationship with your accountant. As you reach your financial goals, you will be motivated to continue working in order to make money.
  • Clutter
    When you have to clean up your workspace or home before you can start work, your motivation for work disappears into the trashcan with the used napkins. Solicit your family’s assistance in keeping your workspace and home neat. Donate or toss unused and unwanted items to make clean up easier. Show your children how to pick up their toys and place them in bins. Spend a few minutes at night cleaning up each room.
  • Illness
    You planned a workday, and a child came down with a fever. As the parent who works from home, you have the responsibility to care for your ill son or daughter. Rather than avoid work, brainstorm new ideas and designs. Return phone calls or plan the next month’s schedule. Clean out your office, workspace, and filing cabinets.

    When you become ill, decide if you need a sick day. Call clients and reschedule meetings or postpone deadlines if possible. Many clients understand occasional sick days. Be sure you drink plenty of fluids, eat healthy foods, and exercise regularly to maintain optimum health, minimize sick days, and return to work quickly.

  • Criticism
    Occasionally, your family or friends may criticize your career choice. Under this criticism, you may struggle to find motivation to continue working. Frequently remind yourself why you chose to work from home. Surround yourself with supportive friends. Remain mentally strong by not giving in to discouragement. Keep your focus on your work, and allow your portfolio to answer criticisms.
  • Guilt
    You work from home in order to spend time with your family yet you cannot join them for every activity. In order to complete projects on time and make money from home, you must sometimes say no. Your income meets your family’s needs. Solicit their assistance in making your work from home job profitable. Recognize any tendencies to overwork, and ask your partner to help you schedule office hours that allow you to meet work and family responsibilities.

Your family creates situations in which you struggle to find motivation to work. Remind yourself of your work at home goals. Ask your family to respect your decision and team with you to make your work from home job a success.

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