What To Do When A Home Business Starts To Take Over Your Home Life

by WorkFromHome on October 4, 2011

Working from home to spend more time with your family sounds great but there will probably be days when it feels like instead of working at home, you are seeing your home life disappear under a huge pile of work. Whether you are buried under an actual pile of paper or a virtual one of e-mails and files, the feelings of being overwhelmed and frustrated are the same. If you feel like your work/life balance is getting away from you then it is time to take drastic measures. Read on to find out where to start:

There Are Only 24 Hours In A Day…

You wake up every morning at 7, get the kids out the door and on the school bus by 8 and then… what happens? By the time they get home from school, have you accomplished everything that you need to do for the day? Have you even accomplished half of what you wanted to? If you have no idea how you spent your time today, then it is time to take a hard look at how you are spending your time in order to figure out how you can work smarter instead of working harder.

Start by asking yourself easy questions, such as whether you are getting distracted in the morning rather than starting work on time. Or, perhaps you are starting your work on time but find yourself getting easily distracted as the day goes on. If neither of these issues is occurring, then maybe you simply have more work than can be accomplished in the time that you are giving yourself. Home business owners can adjust their workloads easier than employees working remotely for someone else, but regardless, if you are trying, and failing, to meet unrealistic expectations, then take the time to reevaluate your daily work priorities. If you work for someone else then schedule time to discuss this with them.

Be Upfront With Your Family Instead Of Shutting Them Out

Even though you are working from home in order to spend more time with your family when your workload starts to make you feel like you are drowning it may seem like it is more efficient to simply close the door to your home office and keep plugging away at your project. Have a conversation with your family during these difficult times, instead of ignoring them, so that they will understand why you are allowing your work to spill over into your family time.

Communicating with your family is important regardless of whether your family consists of a spouse or if it includes children as well. You need to have a healthy family life in order to remain healthy mentally, and that requires open and honest communication. Of course, your children do not need to know the finer details of your work troubles. Simply letting them know that you need to devote more time than normal to finishing up a big project is all they need to know.

Balance Your Work Life With And Extra Dose Of Family Time

Of course, balancing out your extra long hours this week with some planned quality time after the project is done should do wonders for helping your family to understand your work needs and to keeping your work and personal lives in balance. Although it may sound noble to stay locked away in your home office for days upon days, it is not healthy to do so. You need to reward yourself for focusing on your job and getting the work done on time, which will help you to stay disciplined when it comes time to buckle down for the next busy time. Doing so with a special family outing or even just time spent watching television together means that you can squeeze in some extra family bonding.

Schedule Your Work And Your Life

A schedule is an essential part of keeping your work life in check while still getting your work done on time. Whether you opt for an expansive online calendar or a simpler paper schedule, your calendar should show realistic amounts of time budgeted to get your work done in advance of your deadlines. If you are trying to schedule your work around picking up and dropping off your children at school and extracurricular activities then consider integrating their schedule into yours so that you always know how much time you truly have to devote to work each day. If you have to take your son or daughter to karate class or soccer practice for two hours in the afternoon, for example, then you will have two hours less that day to devote to finishing up your project for your client, which could be problematic.

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