What Every Freelance Writer Should Know About Writing Feature Articles

by WorkFromHome on October 24, 2011

Many magazines that are published both on and off line are now accepting feature articles from freelance writers via the Internet. This has opened up many new opportunities for writers that enjoy writing these types of pieces.

Establishing yourself as a feature writer can enhance your income considerably, as feature writers are often chosen for very lucrative assignments. The competition can be hard; however, the Internet has opened many doors for would-be feature writers. Using the following 12 tips, any writer can be an excellent feature article writer.

  1. Select a topic that you have researched well and are familiar with before writing. Carefully plan what you intend to portray in your article. This diligence will help you look like an authority on the subject and lend credibility to your writing.
  2. Have you already contacted the magazine and found out what their requirements are for articles? Will you be able to write free-hand or will you need to keep to certain specifications? This is important to know prior to writing the first word.
  3. Are you familiar with the magazine? You should read several issues of the magazine so you can understand the writing styles and tone of the publication. You do not want to submit an article that is not complimentary to the publication.
  4. Once you are ready to write, have you interviewed all the key people in the story? Make sure you have all the information that you need to write the story before you begin.
  5. Have you verified all the information that you will use is factual? You do not want to include information that is not confirmed as factual, it will make you look like a sloppy writer. Dispose of anything in your notes that is not confirmed to avoid any mistakes.
  6. Cross-check your facts. Even though your facts may be from an authoritative source, double check these facts from another source.
  7. Verify the required length of the article. If the editor only wants 500 words, do not submit an article that is 2500. Editors will overlook even the best article if it does not fit their guidelines.
  8. Quotations lend credibility to feature articles. Make sure that they are quoted properly and that they are not taken out of context.
  9. Make sure that your article has a catchy beginning, an interesting body, and a conclusive ending. Do not leave your readers hanging by leaving an open end.
  10. Proofread and revise your article at least twice before submitting. It is always best to do this over a 2 day period when you have some time to walk away from the article and return to it fresh.
  11. If the article contains pictures, make sure these pictures are placed properly within the text. Magazines will have different requirements for photo submissions, so follow their directions carefully. If a person or business is included in the photograph, make sure you have written permission to use their image and that you submit a copy of that permission to the magazine.
  12. Give everything the once-over before placing it in the envelope or hitting send on the computer. You may have everything right, but it will not hurt to double check.

These 12 tips will increase your chances to become published as a feature article writer. It is also very important for article writers to remember that some magazines take articles several months in advance. If your article is about a holiday or must run at a certain time of year, make sure you know your deadlines for that season.

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