Ways To Market Your Freelance Services

by WorkFromHome on November 24, 2011

For anyone working a freelance job from home, the need to professionally market themselves and their services is essential. One of the benefits of working freelance is that you are not tied to one company or client, but this also means there is a constant need for seeking new jobs. The only way constant work will arise is through marketing yourself and your business to as many people as possible. Here are some tips on ways to market your freelance services on a broad scale.

Create A Website

To be taken seriously as a professional freelancer you must present yourself and your business in a professional manner. Today, there is no better vehicle for getting yourself in front of potential clients than through a professional website. It is global, effective and relatively inexpensive to maintain. It should be designed with a professional theme and offer pertinent information like services offered, education, references and samples of your work. Once your site is created, you will be able to market yourself even more broadly through avenues like search engine optimization and reciprocal link exchanges.

Create A Blog

Another effective way to market your freelance services is through creating a blog. Blogs are free to set-up, reach global markets and can be much more interactive than a business website. Create one with a theme that highlights your professional skills and then write articles, daily updates or post other information around the theme. By adding something new to the blog on a regular basis you will not only reach new clients, but also enhance your professional image. Some of the most successful freelance writers, designers and other work at home professionals have blogs that now receive thousands of views per month. One of the best aspects of a blog is the immediate feedback received on what you are blogging about. This can result in a never-ending focus group that provides great insights into what people are thinking about your work and the direction your profession is heading.

Social Media

The overwhelming popularity of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter has opened a brand new level of advertising for businesses. These sites are free to use and reach an entirely different customer base than normal marketing avenues. Creating a page dedicated to your business on social media sites is very simple to do and provides one more way of getting your business in front of people. They don’t need to be elaborate and can be quickly updated on a daily basis. The future marketing potential on social media sites is huge, so don’t discount them as something that can be ignored for now.

Network Locally & Globally

Even in this electronic age of doing business, it is still important to network personally with other business professionals on a local level. Networking is a more subtle marketing approach, but can generate invaluable insights into what freelance jobs may be available in your area and what skills potential clients are looking for to complete their upcoming projects. And, thanks to the Internet, it is possible to expand your networking to a global scale. Being active on websites like LinkedIn and other professional forums can provide you with information that cannot be found elsewhere while enhancing your skills and reputation as a serious business person.

Local Classified Ads

Believe it or not, millions of people still rely on local newspapers as their primary source for news and community information. Placing an ad in the business services section of your local classifieds can provide a very effective marketing tool that is relatively inexpensive for the number of people it will reach. To be most effective, run your ad as often as possible. This will provide you with constant visibility in the community. Business people tend to do business with people they are familiar with, so running your ad on a regular basis will present an image of both familiarity and reliability.

Believe In Yourself

As a freelance professional, you personally are the business. Because of this, the most effective marketing tool you have is your attitude and business demeanor. To succeed in working as a freelancer you have to believe in yourself and your ability to deliver the skills you offer. By doing so you project an air of confidence that will draw success. Potential clients will sense this confidence and trust you more with their projects. When you then prove to them that you are capable in every professional way, you are more likely to garner repeat business. Working as a freelance professional can be tough at times because there is a lot of rejection along the way, but by staying confident in yourself and the services you provide the road to success becomes much easier to travel.

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