Ways To Make Money Online With No Upfront Costs

by WorkFromHome on December 21, 2011

There is always a lot of buzz about online selling, but most ecommerce opportunities require some startup money. That makes it pretty tough for those who work from home to participate in some of the traditional online marketing opportunities. The point being, most startup business owners have no money to invest in the first place.

If making money online with no financial investment seems impossible, it’s not. Especially if you are prepared to be competitive and shrewd in your approach. No doubt, it can be hard out there for the penniless hustler, but it is absolutely possible to make money online with no upfront costs.

The no-cost start up method is known as zero investment, and the Internet promises thousands of ways to get started without spending a dime. Frankly, most of them are crap. A few, however, can be pretty decent ways to make money online with no upfront costs, and one or two are actually shining examples of the zero-investment genre. Here are four possible ways to make money from the Internet with no startup costs.

  1. Market yourself and get your unique talents in front of paying customers who need skilled online workers.
  2. Writers, niche marketers, and other authoritative types can monetize free blogging platforms with affiliate ads.
  3. Stay-at-home workers who are skilled in photography, web development, or graphic art can find new clients by utilizing online showcases that are hosted for free.
  4. Zero investment even extends to online selling, where drop shippers, auction houses, and product catalogues host free start-up sites.

Read on for more details.

  1. Sell Yourself
    The Internet abounds with opportunities to sell your unique personal skills and talents, but with so many other people trying to make a buck working from home, it can be hard to stand out. Maybe you have data entry skills that could earn you a spot as a customer service rep. Perhaps you have a mellow and persuasive speaking voice that would make you eligible to be a voice-over artist. If you possess extraordinary proofreading skills, you could work online editing copy for various businesses.

    Any unique skill you have can be sellable, but it takes a bit of marketing ability to set yourself apart from the rest of the hungry pack. Being reliable, trustworthy and diligent in your particular enterprise will ultimately garner you more attention and more repeat work from steady clients. For the best results, concentrate on channels that fit your niche to a T. For example, if you are an experienced transcriber with lightning fast typing skills you could apply to an online transcribing company like cyberdictate; or, if you are a stay-at-home mom with customer service skills, you might apply to become an agent with Liveops.

    One of the most peculiar places to make money online with no startup cost is Fiverr. The platform is a simple concept; anyone can offer practically any service for a $5 fee. Keep in mind that you get to keep only $4 of the sale, but the services you might sell can cost you nothing to produce. A sampling of recent offerings on Fiverr’s home page included some pretty inventive no-cost ideas, such as drawing a message on your lips and emailing the client a high-resolution photo, or delivering a personal phone call from Santa Claus to a child.

    The possibilities are endless for selling yourself online and making money. Your best chance for any success, though, will be in the cleverness of your approach and your reputation for skill and reliability.

  2. Blog for Cash
    Blogs are not just for keeping in touch with friends, they can be money-making machines for stay-at-home workers. Online writers with a sassy sense of style or those who are authorities on niche subjects are blogging about it on multiple platforms and profiting from it. They do it by integrating affiliate ads to help generate a steady flow of cash.

    Free blogs like Google’s Blogger make it easy to get started. Choose a subject you know a lot about, post your first blog, and integrate Google AdSense ads for instant monetization. Strive to bring life to your blog, and make it as useful as possible to attract more web traffic. With good, keyword-rich content, Google’s targeted ads can persuade users to click-through. Blogging takes no investment whatsoever, yet every time a user clicks the ads on your pages, you make money.

  3. Prospect for Paying Clients
    A few free online platforms allow creative types, like web designers and graphic artists, to produce samples of their work and publish it for free. Wix is one such example. It’s a web design platform that allows users to create professional-looking web pages with features that can highlight your best talents. Templates include samples for photographers, musicians, real estate agents, designers and many others. Although free Wix websites do play host to its advertisements, they won’t detract from the overall impression you can make on potential clients. Wix is a stylish and completely no-cost way to advertise your services and make money online.
  4. Drop Shipping Services
    Even with absolutely no seed money whatsoever, you can still sell online with a drop shipping service. Drop shippers function by stocking a variety of products and shipping them to your customers for a fee. While some drop shippers may require sellers to jump through a few hoops, many involve no start up fees at all.

    A good drop shipper can provide you with web-building software, customer management tools, and other valuable features the average business owner could not otherwise afford. The professional scale of selling that can be achieved makes drop shipping a worthwhile way to make money from home. Check out DropShipSites.com for helpful resources.


Legitimate opportunities for earning money online without startup capital do exist, but the road is rough and littered with sketchy options. Read the fine print before launching any zero investment scheme. Be cognizant of hidden fees or residual costs that may accrue, as well as the time you will have to invest in managing your enterprise. Realistically, when calculated by the hours invested, some online money-making opportunities will not produce a minimum wage. For those who have nothing but time, though, a few ways to make money online with no upfront costs could prove worthwhile.

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