Ways For Stay At Home Moms To Make Extra Income Online

by WorkFromHome on December 19, 2011

Many households these days need a little extra money just to get by, but working outside the home can present challenges for moms that are nearly impossible to overcome. Rather than conform to the confines of a nine-to-five job, or bend to the demands of shift work, lots of stay at home moms are choosing to make extra income online. It’s not a cakewalk, but earning money online can make life a whole lot easier for mothers to work from home.

Here are a few ways for stay at home moms to make extra income online.

Launch a Money-making Blog

Launch a blog and use it to establish yourself as an authority on any subject, then leverage portions of your blog as ad space to make extra income. Don’t be timid about launching your authority blog. Regardless of your education, you’re a mom, and that qualifies you to dispense helpful advice about a lot of things.

What do you know a lot about? Gardening, sewing, cooking, child care? Shopping, celebrity gossip, weddings, genealogy? Put some personality and pizzazz in your authority blog to attract visitors and fans, and let the money-making ads become an organic extension of your content.

Ads can be configured to pay you by the number of times the ad is viewed, or how often it is clicked through, or by a percentage of the resulting sales from clickthroughs. Position ads above the fold (top portion of web page) for a higher rate of conversions.

Here are a few resources for advertising on your blog:

Build a Membership Community

Take your authority site one step further by offering premium membership status. Membership management sites can allow you to charge a fee for your best advice, and manage your subscription base with ease. Whitepapers, newsletters, webinars and special offers can be a powerful incentive for a certain percentage of visitors, and a few may be willing to pay extra for some juicy bits of inside information.

Start by creating an active and publicly visible blog that offers helpful posts with good keyword density to attract visitors and search engines. Then create pages and digital files with a higher status of knowledge available only to paying members. A vigorous membership community can be a satisfying way for work at home moms to make extra income online.

Here are two sample resources for managing a membership community:

Freelance Writing Online

There is money to be made for online writers. Busy website owners will pay for well-written SEO copy, blogs, web content, reviews, authority articles and promotional pieces. Moms with a real talent for writing can join several Internet platforms where online writers can earn a few extra bucks. Writing online allows a work at home mom take assignments at a pace that suits her lifestyle. You can write anytime you can find a quiet moment.

Online writing is not creative writing, though. Writers are expected to bring worthwhile information to the table, and subjects can range from fashion to sports to agriculture to politics. Writing styles can be formal or informal, and formats can include press releases, scripts, legal documents or medical data. Moms with an excellent grasp of spelling, grammar and sentence construction will likely make the most money writing online. It also helps to be a proficient typist.

Here are a few resources for moms to earn money by writing online:

Develop and Sell Websites

If your background has a technical side, you may be able to develop and sell websites for a profit. Moms with a solid knowledge of web design and development will have the best chance for success in this field. Even those without much experience, however, can easily buy a domain name, select a template and build a website to sell.

Just like in the authority blog example, your site should integrate affiliate ads, PPC ads, or even banner ads to make it more valuable. On-site advertising is not just a way to generate income as you develop the website; ultimately, when it is time to sell, a successful advertising campaign will give your site more worth, and fetch a higher selling price.

Here are some resources for buying and selling domain names:

Sell Homemade Crafts Online

One-of-a-kind, hand-made items are always popular with shoppers, and creative moms can make a profit by selling homemade crafts online. What do you love to make? A few Internet selling platforms cater strictly to creative types who craft jewelry, toys, fiber art, candles or other hand-made items to sell from home.

Here are some resources for selling homemade crafts online:


Whether you need a full-time job to support your family, or just need to supplement your current income, there are no easy ways to make money. Fortunately, however, the Internet provides dozens of worthwhile platforms where hard-working moms can bring a few more dollars into the household budget.

Start by realistically assessing the unique talents and skills you can bring to the web community. Then consider your abilities to find some suitable ways for stay at home moms to make extra income online.

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