Virtual Assistant Jobs

Virtual assistant jobs are becoming one of the fastest growing professions on and off of the Internet. As businesses look for ways to cut office expenses in this new economy, more of them are turning to virtual based help. Virtual assistants provide the same services that office or executive assistant provide in an office setting. The only difference is that you will be conducting all of your business from your home.

What Types Of Services Do Virtual Assistants Perform?

As a virtual assistant, you can expect to do one, or many of the following tasks:

  • Schedule appointments with clients, vendors, and management
  • Create travel arrangements for the person you work for, as well as any arrangements needed for traveling clients
  • Make follow-up calls to clients and vendors
  • Send out mailing either through email or snail mail
  • Tracking sales figures, compiling reports, and creating charts that can be digitally transferred
  • Create promotional events

This is just a basic list of duties, and each individual that hires a virtual assistant will have their own requirements.

What Should I Expect For Pay As A Virtual Assistant?

Depending on the type of virtual assistant job that you take, either as a freelancer or as a home-based employee, will dictate how much you make per assignment. On average, however, regardless of your employment type, you can expect to make about the same as an office bound employee. Many companies that hire home based employees will pay a little higher because of the reduced expense that is associated with this type of position.

When you work from home as a freelance virtual assistant you can base your pay on your experience, type of duties required and the length of the position. Many virtual assistants decide they make more money freelancing because of this ability to determine pay.

What Types Of Equipment Do I Need To Become A Virtual Assistant?

As a virtual assistant you must have access to the following equipment:

  • Newer computer with high-speed Internet access. It is very important that you have the ability to store large files, as well as have the ability to transmit large files without a time delay from using slow Internet connections.
  • Current word processing, database, and presentation software.
  • Skype. Many executives will want to video conference with you on occasion. This also lends a little more “personality” to your service.
  • A desk used specifically for work, a good chair, and filing cabinet.
  • A printer
  • Cell phone that is dedicated to your business. You need to be able to be reached during business hours without personal interruptions
  • Personal website that outlines your services and provides potential clients with a way to reach you.
  • Email address dedicated to your job, either as an employee or freelancer
  • Current resume in digital file. Most Virtual assistant positions, even in the freelance world will require you to submit a resume and go through a hiring process.
  • Business cards. This is only necessary if you are a freelance virtual assistant.

Where Do I Find Virtual Assistant Positions?

When you begin your search for a virtual assistant position, you must determine if you wish to be an off-site employee or a freelance assistant.

Home Based Employment

When you desire to work from home as a home based employee the first thing you must do is have your resume ready, including a digital file. These positions will require you to apply and go through a complete hiring process just like office based employment.

To begin your search, you should turn to the Internet. Job sites have begun actively listing these types of positions. You should also check classified ad sites, these sites are cheaper to use for the employer, and many positions are listed here that are not on your regular job listing sites.

Freelance Positions

Once you have established your website as a point of reference, you can begin looking for work on one of the many freelance job boards. These job boards will allow you to bid on positions that are located all over the world.

It is also very important that you become involved in social networking. Web 2.0 is all about networking, and virtual assistant forums are a great place to learn about positions, trends in the industry, and any scams that may be circling the Internet.

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