Using a Network Marketing Opportunity as Supplemental Income

by WorkFromHome on February 21, 2012

In the past three or four years, the American economy has gone from the world’s leading source of wealth to one of the shakiest and most uncertain economies in the world. It has been down, it has been back up again, and it has teetered on the brink of another recession. Those who are still employed are making less, and those who are unemployed are looking for any way to make money. This is where network marketing opportunities really begin to shine: they aren’t simply for those considering full-time self employment. Instead, their “work at your own pace” philosophy promotes making as much — or as little — income as your time and motivation level merits.

So, how can you best use a multi-level marketing setup to make a solid supplemental amount of income each month? And how can you make the most amount of money while putting in the least amount of time after a long day at the office?

  1. Using multi-level marketing as a social tool or evening sales opportunity
    Many network marketing schemes actually work in ways that don’t seem like a second job. Instead of pushing clients to make “hard sells” to people by knocking on doors, they instead encourage them to host things like “parties” where they invite a group of friends or family members over to talk about the products over coffee, snacks, or even other gossip intermingled among the discussion topics. This helps make sales, as people feel more comfortable in groups of friends, and the social atmosphere helps work feel like leisure. That means no stressful sales pitches, no unfamiliar faces, and no “work” mentality that can be exhausting after eight or ten hours in a traditional office setting.
  2. Network marketing is self-guided and requires no minimum earnings per month
    Typically, network marketing representatives can get a bi-weekly paycheck by making as little as ten dollars during an earnings period. And while no one aspires to a ten-dollar paycheck, it’s worth noting that there are no high minimums to receive compensation. Many other business opportunities require representatives to make as much as $100 or $200 in an earning cycle in order to qualify for a paycheck, placing a high burden on them to make a certain number of sales or commitments. Network marketing, typically, does not function this way at all and is geared toward those seeking supplemental income rather than primary earnings.
  3. By establishing a sales force, you can work less while earning more
    Network marketing is often referred to as multi-level marketing because it encourages the initial sales representative to get their friends and family in on the action of making sales. It does this by promising the original sales representative that they’ll earn a small commission on each sale that their team makes. And, if they hire a certain amount of people — maybe five, maybe 25 — they’ll earn a cash bonus on each check simply for getting the company’s message out with a broader group of individuals. This means they earn money based on their own sales, the sales of those they refer and manage, and on the total number of people that they’ve brought into the fold. Essentially, they could be earning income while taking the night off and enjoying a movie and some popcorn. That’s a pretty good deal in an economy which is always encouraging harder work for lesser pay.
  4. Online sales opportunities allow people to buy a product — and generate income — all day
    Before the internet, network marketing representatives would have to rely solely on their offline sales to generate income. But, thanks to the digital age, network marketing professionals now typically operate their own online storefront that allows people to purchase their products and services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That means they can be earning income while they’re working at their primary, full-time job. And it could be enough income that they simply won’t have to do very much work — or any at all — once they leave the office at 5pm.

A Great Part-Time Earning Opportunity

The great thing about being your own boss is that you can be flexible. And network marketing opportunities promote maximum flexibility in the amount one can earn, the way they can earn it, and just how much they can earn on each sale they make. Representatives who use a network marketing company’s tools to their full advantage — from commission structures to online storefronts — will find themselves able to work from home and make a good supplemental income without spending an entire evening earning it the hard, old-fashioned way.

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