Use Social Networking to Make Money From Home

by WorkFromHome on November 29, 2011

In today’s virtual world, social networking tools allow work from home businesses to thrive. In addition to making social or friend connections, online networking sites allow you to meet new clients, market your product to new customers, and promote your brand. Implement a few changes to your social networking portfolio and exercise a few etiquette tips to increase your potential to make money while working from home.

What is social networking?

For untrained computer users, social networking sounds foreign, overwhelming, and perhaps unnecessary. In order to reach a wider audience, consider educating yourself about this valuable marketing tool. Nearly everyone uses social networking. Stay connected to friends down the street, vendors across the country, or customers overseas. Social networking enables you to meet virtually anyone in the world. It decreases distance and allows you to reach a previously untapped market. Connect online to find new outlets for your products and services.

Where can I participate in social networking?

The following list comprises only a few of the hundreds of social networking sites available to users worldwide. Use this list to jumpstart your search for online networking tools that work for you and your work from home business.

Find a social networking site that contains easy to use apps with privacy features. In addition to social networking sites, build your own website. Link your networks to your website to generate more traffic, promote your business, and increase sales.

What should I post?

Market yourself with a technique called attraction marketing. Share tips that improve the life of your followers. Value each person with whom you interact by asking questions, taking polls, and creating contests. Build trust, maintain relationships, and remain real. Customers will utilize your services and buy your products as you show sincere concern and gratitude for them.

Ensure every detail of your page supports your purpose. Banners, links, categories, and associated content should all share information about your product. For example, a vegan bakery website would advertise an organic farmers market but not a dairy farm.

Reply to comments visitors write on your social networking sites. When someone comments on your blog or webpage, invest time in connecting with that person in a personal way. Your followers will appreciate and remember the attention you gave them.

Find related sites, and post positive, useful comments or feedback. While you support a competitor, you are advertising your own work at home business.

What should I not post?

Do not post negative comments about friends, clients, or anyone. Avoid posting sexually suggestive or explicit photos or content. Negative or offensive posts can adversely affect your reputation and business.

Facts and knowledge about your industry have their place but cause you to sound like a bore online. When posting updates, keep your information short and to the point. Offer a taste, and a customer will take time to click onto your blog or website to find out more.

Never spam your community. Show respect by soliciting only folks who show interest in your product. Avoid sounding desperate to make a sale. Provide a link to allow people to unsubscribe. Pushy salesmanship turns away customers rather than endears them to support you.

Implement these techniques to boost the online social networking potential of your work at home business. Share your values and expertise while providing a personal connection to your customers, associates, and friends. As you build relationship, you increase your ability to make money online while working from home.

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