Types of Freelance Work From Home Jobs Available Online

by WorkFromHome on October 15, 2011

The word freelance is defined as a person who works at a profession without a long-term commitment to any single employer. Working a freelance profession offers a great deal of freedom and with the growth of the Internet the freelance work from home opportunities have never been greater. There are now numerous ways to find daily postings of freelance work from home job openings from around the world. Here are several ways millions of people are earning an income in freelance work from home jobs.


It has never been easy to obtain jobs as a freelance writer and it still takes the same drive and determination to succeed online as it did before the electronic market expanded. However, there are now a wide variety of ways to market your writing skills online that allows for a greater chance of earning a livable income for your efforts. Online writing markets now range from customer orders that pay a flat fee per article, to posting articles and stories on websites that pay a small residual for each time someone clicks on the page. There is also now the chance for any type of writer to self-publish books and manuals online and be paid a percentage of the sales price. While each writing market on its own usually offers a limited income potential, combining them can provide a freelance writer livable monthly incomes derived from multiple sources with the possibility of lifetime residual payments.

Web Developer

It is estimated that over 100,000 new websites are registered each day. With this kind of volume, there is a very strong demand for freelance web developers to create and optimize the keyword search potentials of websites. While these jobs usually require some knowledge of computer programming languages, they can range in focus from creating graphic designs to system administration. The job opportunities are as varied as the multiple types of websites that are created each day. For anyone with web design knowledge and skills, working from home as a freelance web developer can lead to a sizable income.


Blogging has become a very big freelance opportunity over the past decade for anyone with both creative writing and page design skills. With the capability now for one person to create as many different blogs as they wish, there is a potential for realizing an income stream from hundreds of blog sites each month. The incomes from blogs are usually generated through a small fee paid from the people who click through the ads on the sites. While the fee paid for each click is very small, numerous blogs can provide you with thousands of clicks per day. Some freelancers who have been blogging for years now have millions of visitors to their sites each day and have gained enough recognition to garner book deals, television shows and buy-outs by corporations that paid millions of dollars for a blog site.


With the continued growth of the Internet has also come an increased demand for creative and unique photographs. Freelance photographers now have the opportunity to build a solid work from home business by marketing their photos online. This marketing can be done either through selling to companies that stock and resell photographs or through sales directly with a client. For anyone with a creative flair with photographs, building an online portfolio of their work can eventually lead to a solid way for making money at home.

Virtual Administrative Assistant

The combination of both corporate downsizing and the ease of communication online has given rise to the need for freelance administrative assistants who work remotely. These jobs normally entail the usual administrative assistant duties like dictation, correspondence, scheduling and anything else that is needed to keep the client on top of their business. The beauty of working in a freelance position is that you can provide administrative assistance to as many clients as your schedule allows. All you need is an Internet connection and some basic business computer programs to complete this job whether you are working at home or any other location.

Technology Consultant

For anyone with problem solving skills in technology, there is now an expanding market for those skills in work from home freelance positions. With all businesses looking for ways to save money, the use of technology consultants allows them to solve problems without long-term employment obligations. If you have technology problem solving skills, working as a freelance consultant can lead to good ways for generating income on either a part-time or full-time basis.

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