Turning Writing Into Earning: One of the Best Work At Home ideas

by WorkFromHome on November 30, 2011

It’s no secret that an increasing number of Americans are looking for ways to generate extra income — or perhaps their primary income — via an electronic and home-based business. And while there are nearly limitless ways to do this, perhaps the biggest market for home business ideas lies in the realm of writing. Whether it’s writing advertising copy, legal documents, electronic books, or keyword-rich copy for websites, online writing jobs are a great way to run a profitable and sustainable home business without running out of projects, ideas, or clients.

Turn Google’s Requirements into a Respectable Income

There was once a time when the internet’s leading search engine did not distinguish between well-written articles and so-called “keyword spam” when ranking websites in its search results. Those days came to an end in mid-2007, however, when Google announced that it would be analyzing pages for proper content; that means each page ranked by the company will be ranked based on whether or not its keywords are part of well-written, valid site content. Those sites which simply repeat a keyword over and over, without context, will be ranked significantly lower than sites which provide helpful information to search users.

This means that the market for well-written articles on a wide variety of topics is actually expanding as website operators begin to understand the importance of adhering to this new requirement. They still require articles to be rich in keywords, but they now desire good writers who can fit great bits of content between the keywords and truly make them fit into the site’s mission and purpose. And they’ll pay per word, or per article, for content that meets their needs.

Write a Book — Really

The internet makes it possible to publish a helpful book, or even a work of fiction, without going through expensive and prohibitive publishing companies that have final say on your book’s reach and content. Independent publishers can write something entirely independently, publish it through any number of online book retailers, and reap residual profits as the book sells to consumers who find the topic or story engaging. They can even develop entire series of books which are helpful and address any number of topics.

The great thing about this home business idea is that it offers an initial up-front payment and then provides a residual payment each time a purchase is made of that particular book. That means it’s the kind of gift that just keeps on giving; and, if you publish new works continually, demand will only increase for your earlier writings and boost your monthly and annual salary numbers.

Write Advertising Copy

Economic downturn or not, companies need to get the word out about their products, services, and benefits. That’s why the market for advertising copywriters has hardly even noticed a dent in its employment numbers amid this economic recession. The main difference in the occupation is that much of it is now based from home and the work is completed by freelancers who work at comparatively lower rates.

And, though the rates may be slightly lower than what would be paid to in-office employees, those who engage in advertising copywriting are still gaining valuable advertising experience that will serve them well as the economy rebounds. It’s important to remember that gaining experience during a tough economy is the number one way to land a lucrative position during the recovery. Business, advertising, and writing professionals alike would be well-advised to pursue this lucrative avenue within the freelance writing marketplace.

Legal Document Writing is a Lucrative Option

Law firms, while somewhat immune to economic pressures, have been feeling the urge to trim their budgets and cut back on unnecessary spending. As a result of this, many law firms are now hiring freelancers to write their contracts, research papers, and other legal documents. Still others are hiring freelancers to write scholarly and informative articles for firm blogs that persuade internet visitors to choose their firm over the competition.

Those writers with a background in the legal field would be well-advised to pursue these positions, as they typically pay hire than many of the more “general” freelance writing gigs to be found online. Additionally, this is another type of freelance writing from home that can boost a resum√© as the economy begins to recover.

Waste No Time in Getting Started

With work at home businesses really catching on among average Americans, the competition for projects and clients has never been stiffer. Getting started today means a better chance at success and compensation that can be the difference between tough economic time and financial solvency.

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