Turning Tough Times into Big Business

by WorkFromHome on October 21, 2011

The global economy isn’t exactly in a period of sustained growth and success right now, and that has many people teetering on the brink of financial collapse or a psychological meltdown from the sheer amount of stress they’re bearing. This doesn’t have to be the case, however. Even as the number of traditional, office-based jobs continues to fall around the world, the number of lucrative home-based businesses continues to rise. These opportunity are essentially recession-proof, allowing entrepreneurs to earn a solid yearly income even amid high unemployment and stagnating wages. Below are some of the best ideas for professionals who need to recession proof their income — and thus, their lives.

  1. Take ‘Administrative Assistant’ Virtual

    One of the most sought-after office positions, and indeed one of the most essential positions in any well-run office, is that of administrative assistant. But the economic downturn has made it increasingly hard for businesses to retain their administrative assistants: budget cuts have made it harder to give raises, a tough economy has made it hard to maintain a large pool of assistants (thus leading to layoffs) and increasing worries about economic strength have lowered the wages businesses are willing to pay their new hires. The solution to this is to hire a virtual assistant.

    Virtual assistants can work from home and still earn a lofty salary. They complete all of the day’s tasks using home office equipment, sending faxes from their own home fax machines, communicating with office staff via self-made phone calls from a home or mobile phone, and emailing those who they cannot reach via telephone. Virtual assistants can even plug into a company’s time management and client management software solutions remotely, handling office tasks without ever setting foot in the office itself.

    It allows companies to save on things like employee benefits, computers, cost office space, and other expenses associated with an in-person administrative assistant. And as budgets continue to dwindle, these positions will continue to flourish.

  2. Advertising-Supported Blogs

    If you’ve got a penchant for writing your opinion in a way that draws thousands of users a day, then it’s time to start monetizing those words and making a steady, respectable income that is virtually recession-proof. Blogs are no longer simply vehicles of personal opinion or witty rants; instead, their words can fuel keyword-targeted ads that appeal to a site’s reader base. These ads, when clicked, cause the writer to earn a small amount of money. And, with enough readers clicking those ads, blog writers can make thousands of dollars per month simply for supplementing their diatribes with textual advertisements provided by companies like Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo, among others.

  3. Turn Yard Sales into a Sales Job

    A tight economy means that more people are willing to part with their old “stuff” and turn it into a little supplemental income on the weekends. And this presents an opportunity for someone who is willing to go to these yard sales on a regular basis: eBay has proven that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Yard sales are full of under appreciated antiques, collector’s items, and things that most people would never know are worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. An enterprising entrepreneur can stake out these items and turn them into online gold.

    And lest there be concerns about what is really collectible, versus what is simply junk, the eBay-based reseller industry has produced a number of informative books and magazine publications that highlight which items are worth their weight in gold, and which should be left behind. This industry is another recession-proof one, as there will always be collectors willing to pay a premium for an item they’ve been lusting after for years. And remember: these items are typically priced at just a few dollars. The profit margin is exorbitant.

Turn a Recession into a Progression

Many people treat a recession as a big, scary beast which will eat their job and spit them out, unable to recover. But instead of being paralyzed with fear a the prospect of a stagnant economy, it’s important to turn it into an opportunity to progress forward on the American dream: owning a successful, self-made business and answering to no one but yourself.

These recession-proof ideas thrive on the fact that some things will always be needed — or craved — by society. Whether it’s simple office work or the allure of a collectible item, there will always great amounts of income potential in working from home.

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