Turning the Off Work into a Work-from-Home Opportunity

by WorkFromHome on October 20, 2011

It’s quite likely that there is not a single person in the world who would turn down the opportunity to earn extra income, especially if that opportunity involved them staying at home on the weekends and using skills or hobbies that they already enjoy in order to make extra money from home. And, luckily enough for all of those people, this is actually possible in today’s evolving home business economy.

Using a set of marketable skills and hobbies, it’s easy for the everyday office worker to turn his or her weekend into an entrepreneurial endeavor, utilizing fitness skills, creative pursuits, and even sweets, in order to boost that savings account to new heights. Below are some of the best ways to turn weekends into income.

Decorate Cakes for a Price

It might sound trivial, but cake decorating is actually a very difficult task — and one that many people will pay a heavy premium for when it’s done right. Any cake decorator can attest to the difficulties of making the perfect icing-crafted rose, or writing in perfect script, or perfecting each of the unique borders that surround a cake and beautify its seams. All of this hard work can really pay off for those who base a weekend cake decorating business out of the home.

First and foremost, there is no shortage of demand for a well-decorated cake: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and other milestones happen every single day of the week. Secondly, decorating from home means there’s no need to pay for a separate decorating and sales space; and with the help of the internet, it’s easy to get word out about the business via sources like Craigslist and the newspaper classifieds while spending little to no money at all on promotion or marketing materials. For the creative-minded cake decorator, this opportunity is a great way make extra income doing something that’s fun, creative, and marketable.

Put Fitness Skills to Work as a Personal Trainer

If you’ve got an empty basement (or if you can create an empty basement after a week of cleaning), and you enjoy all things fitness, then personal training may be a viable option for extra weekend income. In a diet-crazed culture, everyone wants to look good and feel even better, and personal training provides just that mix of good feelings. Its high demand means that trainers can often charge a premium — sometimes up to one hundred dollars per session. And training at home means that all profits go directly to the trainer, and not to a gym or management company.

You will, of course, need to acquire certain certifications to ensure that you can safely train customers without exposing them to the risk of injury or even death via overtraining. But these certifications will more than pay for themselves within the first year alone, as personal training clients are typically willing to spend — and spend big — in order to get the results they desire within their allotted time frame. With the right amount of online marketing and word-of-mouth promotion, this fitness-based home business can earn a respectable salary all on its own, and for just two days per week of work.

Turn Good Grades into Good Income

If there is a subject that you particular excel at, it’s time to monetize that knowledge and put it to use as an earner of supplemental income. America’s education system has never been in a more perilous position, as funding cuts have virtually eliminated many in-school tutors and larger tutoring programs. And that leaves a significant number of students at a great disadvantage when it comes to mastering anything from tough algebraic equations to the semantics and syntax of sentence structure.

This is where an enterprising scholar can swoop in and make the difference in both a student’s life and their own. If you are highly skilled in any particular subject matter, or if you hold a bachelor’s degree in a particular content area, put that knowledge to work on the weekends by setting up a rotating schedule of student-clients that will pay a premium for being able to ace their tests and move along to the next grade with ease. You’ll be doing them a favor — and their school a favor — all while earning yourself precious supplemental income that can boost savings, retirement, or other accounts.

Rest and Relaxation vs Earning Income

Just because you’re working on the weekend doesn’t mean it has to feel like work. These opportunities are great for weekend warriors because they’re all relatively leisurely as compared to the weekly grind at the office. Each of these weekend opportunities uses a hobby or recreational skill to make money, rather than office computers, spreadsheets, and board meetings. Try it — you might be surprised how good it feels to earn money doing something you love.

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