Turning Life Skills into Life-Improving Income From Home

by WorkFromHome on December 11, 2011

Most people tend to think of baking as merely a fun thing to do on the weekend or during the holiday season. And an even larger number of people tend to think of childcare as something that isn’t too fun, and certainly has no future once kids reach the age where they can take care of themselves. It is this inside-the-box thinking, however, which prevents many people from thinking of ways to make money from home. And these essential life skills are actually really great ways to earn either a second source of income or develop a business that earns enough of an annual salary to live on.

What, then, are the best ways to turn life skills into sources of life-improving income?

Baking from Home, Selling to the General Population

You might find it amazingly easy to bake, but the simple fact is that this skill eludes more people than it enlightens. Many aspiring bakers have trouble assembling even the easiest of boxed cake or brownie recipes, and certainly aren’t looking to take a chance and make their own recipe from scratch. So, if you’ve found that you have a talent for being able to mix flower, eggs, baking powder, and vanilla extract into something that can wow you closest friends or family every time, it may be a good idea to consider monetizing that skill.

Home-based bakeries are currently one of the hottest trends among those starting their own business. Spurred by the popularity of cooking shows and the Food Network’s constantly-airing cooking competitions, home baking has seen a marked increasing in competence, competition, and extravagance. Entire wedding cake businesses, or cupcake businesses, or special edible gift businesses, are springing up from home kitchens across the country.

If you know you’re good at what you do — and no one can keep their hands off of the baked goods you produce — it’s time to turn your flour power into a real earning opportunity that has unlimited potential for growth.

Childcare Services as a Source of Supplemental Income

Many homes feature one working parent and one who stays home to take care of a young son or daughter — or perhaps just stays home because a second source of full-time income isn’t needed. But these home-based situations actually present a really great opportunity for supplemental income that can help a family reach its financial goals just a little bit sooner.

Let’s face it: the one-working-parent setup is increasingly rare and often thought of as an antiquated American ideal. That’s largely because many families find it necessary to have two sources of income just to get by in this uncertain and challenging economy. This means that the market for a morning and afternoon childcare service is increasingly large, and parents are willing to bargain shop and find something local rather than spending their hard-earned money on a more costly solution that may be further from home.

Emphasize your experience, your home, your local appeal, and your lower rates than comparable professional facilities and you’ll likely find yourself making a solid supplemental income that still affords you the luxury of being home during the day and having evening free with your spouse and children.

Get Crafty and Get Paid

One of the newest entrants to the online marketplace is Etsy, a website that allows its crafty users to create their own items from home and sell them online to anyone around the world who is so inclined to buy what they’ve produced. Users can set their own prices, take custom orders, an set their own shipping rates and policies as they see fit. If you’ve long been one of those crafty people who is bursting at the seams with ideas on how to decorate the home and improve its appearance, then Etsy (and sites like it) is the perfect way to earn additional income from home using those skills and talents.

Don’t Waste Time Weighing the Options

News reports might be reporting on nothing but the decrease in American home prices, but the truth is that your home has never been worth more. When you combine your available space, along with the life skills and home sensibilities that you use to maintain it, you’ll find that it’s easier than ever to get started earning a secondary source of income or even starting your own business that provides a sizable annual salary.

The important thing is to recognize your skills and abilities, and immediately begin pursuing a way to monetize them. Get ahead of the competition and make sure that your way to earn an income from home is snatching customers and business before any competitor has a chance to do the same.

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