Top Four Ways to Boost Commenting on Your Blog

by WorkFromHome on November 13, 2011

There are a few goals that you can go after to improve your earnings when you’re trying to make money online with a blog. One goal is to increase the number of repeat readers you have. Another goal is to give people a reason to stay on your website longer. Both of these goals are important because reaching for them increases your bottom line. What these goals have in common is that you can make a lot of progress towards them by increasing the percentage of users that post with your blog’s comment system. To help you boost the number of people that use the commenting system on your blog, we’re going to give you four important tips to follow.

  1. Ask a Question at the End of Your Posts
    This is the easiest and most effortless way to get people to comment on your posts. If you aren’t doing this with every single post you make, then you’re making a huge mistake and effectively setting money on fire. At the end of each post, in a small paragraph of one or two sentences, ask your readers something like if they have ever had an experience with the subject matter of that particular blog post. To increase the chances of people taking your question seriously, tell your readers that you would love to hear about what they have to say. This small step of adding an extra couple of sentences to your blog posts will drastically increase the number of readers you get commenting on your blog.
  2. Reduce Spam With an Automated Plugin
    If you use any of the major content management systems, then there are plugins available that will automatically manage spam comments for you. When you allow spam comments to accumulate on your blog, it really clutters the commenting interface and makes users feel like they don’t want to even bother with commenting on your posts. Some people try to avoid spam comments by completely turning off comments, but this is a mistake because it leaves money on the table. Instead of turning comments off, just install and use a simple spam plugin.
  3. Reply to Comments Yourself
    Once people are posting comments on your blog, a great way to keep them coming back for more is to reply to their comments. A big part of being able to make money online is interacting with people, and to make money with a blog, the main place you have to interact with people is in the comment section. The goal with this is to react to what they have to say in a way that won’t offend or peeve any reasonable people. You can even reply with some experiences you have had, but be careful about exposing too many details about yourself. Feel free to change the names of the people involved in any story you tell so that it doesn’t come back to haunt you later.
  4. Bribe People With Contests
    People like the chance of winning stuff, and they don’t usually even care what it is. A way to take advantage of this is to hold a commenting competition where everyone who comments over some period of time is put into a random drawing to win something that is branded with your blog’s logo and web address. Not only do you get to boost the number of people commenting on your blog with this tip, but the winner will be giving you extra exposure for your blog. More exposure for your blog and more commenters on your blog both improve your bottom line and help you to make more money blogging.

Other Ideas

Make sure to follow some common sense guidelines when it comes to moderating the comments on your blog and delete offensive posts. Along the same lines, make your expectations for the comment section clear and easy to understand so that there will be no excuses for people making ugly remarks. Keep it clean and your users will repeatedly come back for more.

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