Tips For Successfully Managing Your Time When Working At Home

by WorkFromHome on January 5, 2012

When it comes to time management, you often receive advice that tells you how to schedule your time more effectively. In most cases, however, it is not the scheduling of your time that matters; it is what you do with your time. If you are creating more work for yourself by creating a schedule you are actually doing the opposite of managing your time. The trick to time management is maximum efficiency with minimal effort.

Time Management Tips

  1. Quit Multi-Tasking: Many people believe that multi-tasking is the only way to accomplish the most tasks in one day. In truth it is the best way to accomplish nothing. Multi-tasking only means that you have several projects going on at once, with none of them receiving your full attention or being completed in a timely manner. Scientific research has shown that IQ levels actually drop when a person is multi-tasking. Your brain is actually designed to accomplish one thing at a time, not many. When you complete one project from start to finish and continue that process throughout the day, you will actually get more done.
  2. Unsubscribe Newsletters: One of the biggest distractions and causes for clutter and chaos is newsletters and magazines that never get read. Empty your inbox of unwanted newsletters by unsubscribing or marking them as spam, let subscriptions run out of newsletters and magazines that you never have time to read. Eliminating physical chaos allows you to eliminate mental chaos. The less chaos in your life, the more you will accomplish.
  3. Become Militant About Your Time: When you are working at home, make specific hours for your work. Do not become sidetracked with home or personal activities during that time. If you worked in an office you could not clean out the garage in the middle of the day, so treat your home profession the same way. If friends and family continue to interrupt your day post work hours on your office door and make them adhere to your posted hours.
  4. Learn To Use The Telephone: When you are repeatedly responding to an email, you are wasting time. Many time management gurus tell you to use email in place of a conversation, but in reality this often wastes more time. You have to continually check your inbox for responses or to respond. If an email is going to take more than 2 responses to solve a problem, you need to make a phone call and settle the issue at hand.
  5. Remember The 90 Minute Rule: This rule for time management is another one that is directly related to brain function. Your brain processes glucose to function properly. When you start to perform a task, you have about 90 minutes before your glucose level will become too low for proper brain function. At this time, take a five minute break, have something to drink, take a walk around and refresh your system. This simple break refreshes the brain, sends glucose through your system again, and enables you to approach the task again with full brain power.
  6. Work Hardest To Easiest: When you approach your To-Do list at the beginning of each day select the hardest task first. By approaching the hardest task first, you can perform easier tasks as the day goes on. This will coincide with your energy levels. You have the highest energy level in the morning, and it wanes as the day passes. By approaching your tasks in this manner you will accomplish more without becoming exhausted.
  7. Quit At The End Of Your Workday: When it is time to close up shop for the day, do just that. Make sure that you end your day at a specific time to ensure that your personal tasks are not interrupted and ensure that you also have some down time. Time management is performed to accomplish more in a day, but it is also done so that you can enjoy the things in life that matter most to you.

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