Tips For Hiring Helpers When You Work From Home

by WorkFromHome on October 26, 2011

When your work from home business grows to the point that you need to hire help, proceed with caution. Your employees will not care about your business as precisely and carefully as you do because they do not possess the financial and emotional investment you have placed into your business. You must carefully and thoroughly screen all helpers and trust them with your business to prevent a helper from ruining your reputation. Consider the following tips when hiring helpers when you work at home.

Advance Preparation

Determine your business needs. Create a job description with details such as job requirements, skills, previous experience needed, hours of employment, and salary. Understand the financial and paperwork ramifications of hiring help before posting a help wanted advertisement.

Consult an accountant to determine if your helper would qualify as a subcontractor or as an employee. Self-employed subcontractors work for themselves. They provide their own tools and insurance. They make their own schedule and may work for multiple clients at one time. Employees perform the job to your specifications. You make the schedule and tell them exactly what to do. In addition, you hold the responsibility for insurance and payroll taxes.

When you are ready to place an ad, carefully word it with necessary information and your contact number. Place the ad in the newspaper or online, and ask friends or social contacts for referrals.

The Application

Prepare a detailed application. Ask for information such as full name, current address, and current phone number. Verify the applicant’s education and certifications needed to perform the job. Check each reference before hiring the applicant. Even though you will pay for clearance checks, your business deserves this necessary investment. Understand and follow fair hiring practices to avoid discrimination.

Hire Family

Hiring your children allows you to teach them responsibility, work ethic, and a skill for their future while they earn money to pay for college or other expenses. Before hiring family members, prevent possible conflict by discussing job responsibility details and financial compensation. Finalize who hold authority to make final decisions about business matters.

Accountant and Attorneys

Certain work from home jobs requires professional assistance. An accountant handles taxes, payroll, retirement accounts, and estate planning. When hiring an accountant, verify his or her credentials. Ask for references. Set up an initial consultation to discuss your small business needs.

After you establish a relationship with a trusted accountant, utilize his or her services. Ask questions, remain in contact as necessary, and call for advice. Additionally, maintain accurate and detailed financial records. Your accountant acts as your ally in your small business. You pay him or her to assist you in making money while you work from home.

An attorney serves as a legal resource for your work at home business, and legal issues do affect every small business. Start up paperwork, contracts, and client issues require an attorney’s assistance. Contact other business owners or the local Chamber of Commerce to find an attorney who specializes in small business issues. An attorney’s fees may deter you from pursuing this resource, but at the very least consider consulting an online legal site for answers to your legal questions.

Childcare Helpers

When hiring a helper to watch your children or to assist in your daycare business, insist on references, a background check, and child abuse clearance. Even if you hire a friend, parents may wish to verify the credentials of the person who watches their child. Choose a person with documented childcare experience and a love for children.

Delivery Driver or Cashier

Anyone whom you hire to talk with customers must possess a professional appearance and courteous attitude. This person handles your business products and collects money while advertising your work at home business. Perform thorough background checks to ensure they will conduct themselves honestly, and verify their safe driving history.


Consider hiring college or high school students if you need seasonal help. They appreciate extra income and an opportunity to learn about a potential career. Contact student services or neighborhood and church groups for the names of potential helpers.

When and How to Terminate Helpers

After you hire someone, your needs may change, their performance may not meet your expectations, or personalities may clash. Make every effort to reconcile the situation, and document the details of each conversation. Follow employment laws when terminating employees to prevent legal repercussions.

Whether your business needs full-time, part-time, or seasonal help, ask questions and perform thorough research on any prospective helper. To help you make money while working from home, hire honest, dependable, and responsible helpers who are willing to work hard for you.

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