Tips for Finding Legitimate Paid Surveys

by WorkFromHome on October 12, 2011

One of the biggest things people worry about when they learn about online paid surveys is whether or not they are legitimate. Instead of worrying that every website is a scam, it is important to learn how to know the difference between companies. Being able to separate safe websites and ones which may be trying to scam an individual will help them earn more opportunities and be on their way to a higher compensation for their opinion. Since the Internet is a huge place to search for paid surveys, it’s helpful to follow a simple guideline of what sets apart scams and legitimate sites.

Looking for Company Details

A major thing that an individual needs to look for when they begin to pursue survey opportunities is details about the company. Most marketing companies offer plenty of information about who they are, when they were founded, and what they are going to do with completed surveys. They often give so much information on their company in hopes that they attract consumers who will be able to share valuable information for their products and services. Finding an ‘About Me’ page and other details will help an individual decipher whether or not a company can be trusted. Terms of use, earnings disclaimer, and privacy policy should also be easy to find. A company that is legitimate and safe for an individual to work with should offer all of these pages in an easy to spot place on their website. Taking care to use good judgement when reading about a company will help a person avoid scams.

Reasonable Salary Expectations

It is important that an individual understands that taking surveys online doesn’t mean an extremely high income. While a person can make a decent amount of money completing surveys and sharing their opinions, it’s not a way to get rich overnight. Companies that advertise earnings of over $100 a day are often trying to bring in individuals in hopes of scamming them. Legitimate companies will share reasonable earning details, but not promise any kind of high or steady income.

Inquiring About Personal Information

Staying safe online means keeping personal information private, so it makes sense to keep some details secret when signing up for paid surveys. Legitimate companies will never request the password to a PayPal account, although they do ask for the email address in order to compensate the surveyor. Many illegitimate companies will inquire about an exact date of birth including the year, month, and day. While most companies will ask for the year of birth in order to get an idea of the age of surveyors, an individual should keep their exact birth date private. An individual should never give out their social security number under any circumstances, even if a company sounds legitimate.

Earning money by taking online surveys is a great way to share opinions on different products and services. While this can be very rewarding for individuals, it is important to understand that the earnings aren’t very impressive. An individual can bring home some additional money by completing surveys on occasion, but they shouldn’t expect their earnings to replace a regular job. It is important to look out for a lot of little details if they want to ensure a company is safe to work with. Keeping personal details private and inquiring about company information will help ensure that an individual knows what they are getting into. Simply being cautious while browsing through paid survey companies will point an individual towards legitimate options that offer real opportunities.

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