The Top 5 Reasons to Leave the Office Behind & Work From Home

by WorkFromHome on October 30, 2011

Let’s face it: working in an office can be a dull and occasionally infuriating proposition. First and foremost, there’s the inevitable office politics and hard-to-handle supervisor. Then there’s the constant threat of work going under-appreciated and raises being less than sufficient. And, on top of it all, working “in the real world” during a recession such as this one carries with it the constant worry of whether or not your position will still exist tomorrow morning, next week, or next month.

Working from home helps to ease or eliminate each of these concerns, however, and there are five great reasons to stop making that trek to the office each morning.

  1. Working from home saves on gas costs
    The average American spends more than an hour every day just on the commute to work alone. That means they’re constantly filling an empty gas tank with fuel that sometimes costs in excess of $4 per gallon. Over the course of a year, that can really add up, and it can really diminish the take-home pay of the average American worker. Opting to work from home eliminates these concerns, however, and leaves workers with extra money each month. The home business owner also puts less miles on their vehicle each year, resulting in lower insurance rates, lesser maintenance requirements and costs, and a vehicle which lasts longer overall than one that is used for an extensive daily commute.
  2. Home businesses fire the managers
    It’s a daily routine that just about every American has: walk into the office, sit down at a desk, and wait about fifteen minutes until the boss walks buy and turns a good day into a frustrating one. People generally don’t like being managed — perhaps its our human instinct to run wild and free. By choosing to work at home, small business owners get to be their own bosses and, if they get frustrated during their workday, they probably only have themselves to blame. And there’s something refreshing about blaming oneself instead of one’s boss. At least you can do something about yourself!
  3. Casual Friday is an everyday thing
    One of the more recent trends in office businesses is to promote Fridays as so-called “Casual Fridays.” Some businesses require a small charitable donation in order to qualify for this event, while others have no requirements other than to be a bit more comfortable than usual. Studies have shown that people actually work better, and are more productive, happy, and ambitious, when they’re comfortable in their working environment. So that means you can show up every day in jeans — or pajamas — or a bathing suit if you like. Your home office won’t notice, and your boss won’t care. You’ll likely be more motivated and productive as a jeans-wearing home businessperson on Tuesday than you would have been as a suit-wearing professional in your old office.
  4. A home businesses offers unlimited earning potential
    Working in an office means that every raise or bonus is subject to evaluations, supervisor scrutiny, and “metrics” that measure just how productive you have been for the past year and how that translates into an exact dollar value that should be added to your salary. Home businesses could not be more different. You are now in control of how much income you make, and that means you can give yourself your own raise. You can raise the rates on clients when you feel your success warrants it, or you can work extra long hours when you feel your budget requires it. No one is going to lecture you on rules, overtime, productivity levels, or objective assessments of your work — and that means earning potential is truly unlimited with a home business.
  5. You aren’t confined to one skill or “department”
    A typical job hires you to do one thing, and do it well — every single day of every single week. And that’s fine for people who don’t mind settling into a routine and never really deviating from the same task. For those who believe that variety is the spice of life, however, this can become a maddening and mind-numbing exercise that serves to do nothing more than frustrate them and prompt them to count down until the end of the day. A home business might start out excelling in just one thing — like online retailing — but it may then evolve into a more diverse business that specializes in online retailing, advertising, and marketing. And because you are your own boss (see item number 2) you can decide which task you complete — and when.

The Reasons are Endless

These are the top five reasons to begin your own home business, but they are surely not the only reasons. Home businesses are the ultimate ideal for most workers, on account of their flexibility, self-managed nature, casual requirements, and unlimited earnings potential. But the best way to find out what the top benefits are is simply to start a home business of your own and see what you enjoy the most about working from the comfort of your pajama bottoms.

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