The Leading 4 Home Business Ideas

by WorkFromHome on October 19, 2011

It’s no secret that the global economy is struggling and many highly skilled, and highly motivated, individuals find themselves without a stable job to bring in a living wage. Amid this economic climate, many people are choosing to pursue home-based business ideas in place of traditional office jobs. These businesses provide for an ideal work environment: those who choose this option can work from the comfort of their own homes, save on commuting costs, and complete their day’s tasks without the watchful eye of a single management type.

There are many great ways to begin working from home and bucking the national and international trend of decreasing income, increasing work loads, and frustrating management.

Become an Author, Writer, or Publisher

It may seem, amid a climate of multimedia and high-technology devices, like the written word no longer has any real value to society or marketability as a job skill. That assumption, however, would be patently false. In fact, one of the fastest-growing industries home business is online writing and publishing. Authors everywhere have embraced the ease with which technology allows them not only to write and publish their thoughts, but also sell them to consumers who are eager to purchase self-help books, how-to guides, and even independently-published words of fiction.

Furthermore, many sites pay authors to craft special articles that target search engine “keywords.” These positions are rooted in linear income, rather than the royalties-based fixed income that self-publishing of a book would pull in. And they require a writer who can think on his or her feet and do an extensive amount of research. But these positions are only growing as search engines become more sophisticated in distinguishing vapid and “spun” articles full of keywords from those which are well-written and designed to inform internet searchers.

Researching and Information Brokerage

Those who are skilled in research may want to save their methods for a job which is fully focused on doing just that. The online jobs marketplace is full of positions for people who know how to easily navigate online information sources — from news articles and blog posts to government databases and well-regarded encyclopedias. And researchers will venture offline, too — often going to local libraries, county courts, and places of record.

Companies are willing to pay for this service because they value their time and their money. Simply put, it’s easier to hire someone to work from home than it is to provide them an office space, a computer, and all of the tools necessary to conduct thorough and worthwhile research. These companies typically have sizable research budgets, and are willing to pay the most skilled individuals to consistently perform at an advanced level.

Financial Planning and Advising

If you hold a degree in finance, this may be the perfect home business opportunity to pursue. While financial advising from home does typically reacquire a financial planning certification, those who pursue and achieve that certification can pull in a sizable annual salary. It’s important to consider two things: first and foremost, a large number of people simply do not have solid financial planing skills or experience. And secondly, the economy is in a state of perpetual turmoil that is forcing people to manage their money in more detailed, professional, and complex ways. This all adds up to a whirlwind of potential profits for the financial advisor who is certified, motivated, and willing to meet with clients in a home office setting.

Online Retailing or eBay Auction Listing

This is perhaps the big idea that most directly put working from home on the map: simply selling goods that other people have made from the comfort of your own home. This can be done in a number of ways, the most notable of which uses the eBay marketplace to list and sell antiques, used electronics, and bulk products. This industry has grown so quickly, and has led to so much success, that it has its own devoted publishing industry. Book after book, and magazine after magazine, come full of tips to help the eBay entrepreneur.

But it doesn’t have to be just eBay-based retailing. Many people create their own handcrafted goods and sell them on specialized sites like Etsy, and still others develop their own self-managed retail marketplace online. The most important part of this home-based job is to consider whether or not you have a constant and adequate supply of products to sell, and whether or not the fees that you will be assessed for selling are worthwhile — given the level of income you will be making. For the right person, selling goods online can command a six-figure annual salary.

The Key is to Get Started

All of these home business ideas are relatively easy ones to pursue and implement, but they require action sooner rather than later. As more people become aware of these home-based opportunities, the competition grows and the ability to fully succeed gets just a bit harder. Early entrants to the marketplace will be rewarded handsomely in the form of salary, success, and notoriety in the field they have chosen to pursue.

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