The Ins And Outs Of Work At Home Customer Service Jobs

by WorkFromHome on October 6, 2011

One of the leading work from home position in the market today is customer service representative. These positions allow you to work full or part time hours, and you can work them from the comfort of your home. Customer service positions are available 24/7, so you can easily select hours that fit your lifestyle and desires. As an added bonus, customer service representatives are paid the same as their land-based counterparts, but do not have all the expenses associated with going to work.

The most common customer service positions that are available are call-center jobs. Call centers accept orders, set appointments, provide assistance, or process requests. As more businesses enter the world-wide marketplace, the need for customer service representatives continues to increase.

It should be noted that the most abundant positions are available during the night. However, this may be the perfect solution to your employment needs. Individuals that are seeking a second job, or need to work specific hours will find these nighttime hours very desireable.

Before you can accept a position as a customer service representative you will need to make sure that you have the following:

  • Computer with high-speed connection. This is very important, especially if you are working in a help desk position.
  • Land-line. Call center operators must use a land line in this business. The possibility of dropping a call when using a cell phone has eliminated this option. It is recommended that you set up a land-line that is dedicated to your business. This also helps avoid any interruptions you may receive.

What This Job Entails

Customer service is just that: working with potential, current or past customers of your parent company. Depending on what your exact position is, you will be required to interact with these customers to do your job. It is very important to know that many of these people can be hard to get along with. You will need patience and kindness to do this job. Other personal qualities that will help you as a customer service representative include:

  • Ability to work without supervision. You will be working from your home, and you need to be available when you say you are.
  • The ability to work without social interaction. There are many times when it is just going to be you alone in the house, and it can become very quiet. You must be okay with being alone for some periods during the day.
  • A little Internet experience.
  • The ability to shrug off rude people and not take what they say personally. This is very important. People can become quite rude, and your job requires you to be nice back, regardless of what you wish to say.

There Are Many Benefits To A Customer Service Position At Home

  • Reduced working expenses. You are no longer paying large amounts of money for transportation to work.
  • No more traffic jams. Some people spend 3 or more hours each day traveling to and from work. Think of what you will be able to do with all of that extra time.
  • Reduced lunch costs. You will be able to eat better and cheaper when you eat lunch at home.
  • Day care costs are eliminated, as is costs for after school care.
  • You can be a more active part of your family’s lives.
  • You can adjust your hours to your schedule
  • You can begin to pursue the things you enjoy now that you have extra income and extra time.

Where To Find At Home Customer Service Jobs

The best place to find these types of positions is on the Internet. Many of the major retailers accept applications for these positions directly through their human resources link. There are also several job agencies that list these positions. Currently there are also many entries for these positions showing up on job posting sites. Some temporary agencies are also listing these positions.

You should avoid any site that requests you to purchase information, or pay to be hired. They are a scam. Most customer service representative jobs are telecommuter jobs- otherwise home based employment- and you will hire into this type of position just like you would an office based job. Sites that require you to pay for information, complete offers, or pay for employment are not legitimate.

What Do Customer Service Reps Make?

Customer service reps generally make the same per hour as their land-based counter parts. Some companies will offer incentives or bonuses on sales that are made. American based companies often pay more for work on holidays, and some will offer benefits of some type, like paid sick days. You should review the rate of pay and any additional benefits before committing to take the position.

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