The Benefits of Starting a Home-Based Career in Freelance Writing

by WorkFromHome on November 11, 2011

The lagging economy has prompted people to consider their full skill set and pursue any kind of home job opportunity which utilizes these skills and pays decently, consistently, and with a moderate frequency. One of the leading ways to earn money from home is by turning a strong command on the English language and its associated grammar rules into a respectable primary or secondary income. It’s relatively easy to get started, and freelance writers can work from home or just about anywhere for that matter — even while they’re on vacation at the beach.

An Occupation Without Borders

Many freelance writing companies currently are based in the United States, and most of their employees will have to be United States citizens in order to qualify as one of their writers. This is primarily for tax purposes, as it’s incredibly difficult (and expensive) to process and send paperwork internationally for record-keeping and tax filing purposes. But if you’re an American citizen, you’ve already made the cut.

And just because your address is located within the United States, you’re not limited to working wherever life happens to take you. Freelance writing is a 24-hour occupation that can be performed even outside the home office, as many of the most reputable sites online simply require work to be submitted electronically via their own custom-developed submission forms. Your holiday in the Caribbean can easily be turned into a working holiday, and there’s no need to meet certain dollar amounts per day or even per week. Work as it suits you, and earn as much as you wish.

Income is Based on Skill Level as Well as Motivation

Freelance writing careers are one of the few options that home business professionals have which pays them according to how good they are at what they do. Many other online home business ideas simply pay according to a person’s relevant experience or the amount of work they submit at a flat rate. With freelance writing, things could not be more different from this typical scenario.

Websites which employ freelance writers typically differentiate between writers of basic, intermediate, advanced, and professional levels. With each added layer of skill and professionalism, these sites pay the writer more money per word or per document they produce. And it is’t just a one-time evaluation, either; any reputable freelance writing website worth its time will constantly evaluate the work a user has produced for their clients and, when it’s appropriate, they’ll promote that writer to a higher level that will increase both the amount of work available to them as well as the rate they’ll be paid for completing that work.

Opportunities for Advancement

Don’t mistake “freelancing” with “dead end.” Writers who use their skills on these websites and put them to good, consistent use, can often develop a list of their very own clients who request their work specifically. And because most freelance writing websites actually encourage this process (as it’s a better guarantee that their own clients will be more satisfied), they allow writers to set their own rates for clients and communicate independently of the company’s larger pool of talent.

It’s quite possible that a career in writing may start out as a freelance venture, but will grow and mature over time in a professional pursuit that sees the writer employed by a business which relies on their work full time. In this way, freelance writing online is one of the few professions that actually helps a professional writer move from potentially unemployed, to a reputable freelancer, to an employed professional with a secure annual salary. And for those passionate about the written word, this is perhaps the biggest selling point of pursuing a career in freelance writing and document production.

Multiple Outlets and Growing Prospects

The market for freelance writers only continues to increase as search engines place greater demands for quality content on website operators and the importance of blog writing continues to grow. Those writers who are adept at quickly researching topics, perfecting their vocabulary and grammar, and working for various sources all at the same time, can easily excel in this growing online occupation and revolutionize the way they earn their primary income.

If this sounds like the perfect mix of occupational freedom and consistent payment, it’s important to get started right way. Freelance writing jobs may be plentiful and in demand, but there’s a large talent pool just waiting to fill those positions; and if someone gets ahead of you in line, they’ll land all the best — and highest paid — articles before you even get a chance to review them. Waiting to pursue this opportunity only reduces its potential.

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