Telecommuting Jobs

Telecommuting jobs are quickly becoming the hottest trend in the business world. Businesses and employees are benefiting from this latest trend. When using home based employees, businesses can trim the costs of running an office while still receiving quality work. Home based employees can work from home full time, reducing the expenses associated with going to an office to work. This trend is expected to continue to grow as more work becomes computerized.

Telecommuting can be done for a variety of positions. Office assistants, data entry, order processing, customer service, and help desk employees are just a few of the positions that can be performed off-site. Companies desiring to become international businesses can easily expand using telecommuters from around the world to create virtual offices for their expansion. The opportunities for both businesses and employees are endless in this field.

Where Do You Find Telecommuting Jobs?

Before you begin to search for a telecommuting position, you must determine what type of off-site worker you wish to become. You can work directly as an employee for a company or you can work as a freelance employee. Working as a freelance employee will allow you to work for several companies, through a broad range of services. Once you have determined what type of employment status you would like, you can search for the positions accordingly.

  • Home Based Employment
    If you desire to work as an employee for a company from your home you will have most of the same benefits that an onsite employee receives. You will have paid vacations and holidays, you may even be able to call in sick once in a while, however, you will be required to work specific hours each day just like an office job. To find employment in this area you should begin your search online using the various job placement sites. Most major job sites now have directories specific for home based employment.
    The next places you will need to visit online are different websites of major corporations. Each of these sites will have a HR department link on their main site. Submit your resume directly to the company, even if a position is not posted. Because of the high response rates to these positions, many companies will search their resume file prior to placing an advertisement for a position.

    You will also need to distribute your resume to various companies offline. Just because it is a telecommuting position, does not mean that the physical place of employment needs to be far away. Many of the small local companies will accept your application for off-site employment. Having your resume at the top of the pile when a position becomes open is always a good thing.

  • Freelance Telecommuter
    A freelance position will allow you many freedoms that cannot be found when working for a specific employer. You will be able to determine your rate-of-pay, the hours you work, and the type of duties you will perform when you freelance. You can work for several companies at once, or a single entity. The possibilities are endless when you freelance.
    To begin your search as a freelance telecommuter you will need to go directly to the freelance jobsites. These job boards list countless job positions that are available for telecommuters. Positions may entail anything from data entry operator to virtual assistant. It is important to subscribe to several sites so that you can select from a large variety of positions.

Social networking sites and telecommuting forums are also an excellent place for you to find positions. These forums will help you interact with other telecommuters, providing support and friendship along the way.

What Will I Need To Telecommute?

Becoming a telecommuter is much easier than you may expect. You probably already have all the things you need already in your home. The following list of equipment and supplies will allow you to effectively search for, and become, a telecommuter:

  • Computer with high speed Internet connect to allow for large file transfers
  • Skype teleconferencing
  • Desk and chair dedicated to your job
  • Cell phone dedicated to work
  • Current resume
  • Business cards
  • Personal website – if you are going to work as a freelance telecommuter.
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