Surveyhead Review

Start Survey Now!Founded in 2008 by the creators of goZing, Surveyhead has grown to be one of the most popular survey websites on the internet. Many people are interested in the money available for online surveys, but are unsure of the process leading to payout. With the alarmingly high number of websites scamming people, it is important for an individual to choose a reputable site. Surveyhead exceeds where other sites fail due to the ease of use and opportunities it provides. Over half of the members recommend the website and claim it is a fantastic way to make money. Some tips for doing well with Surveyhead include being patient and thorough with the answers. A good way to determine if Surveyhead is the right website for someone is by taking a look at the positives, along with any negatives.


  • Registration process is very easy and allows users to begin surveys almost immediately.
  • The overall look and feel of the website looks nice and professional.
  • Finding company information is a breeze due to the simple navigation set-up.
  • A high number of surveys are available for users every month with an average of 15.
  • Taking surveys is a fun and enjoyable experience for the majority of users.
  • Users believe that surveys are used for legitimate marketing purposes and that their details are kept private with the company.
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  • Many users are unsatisfied with how long it takes to receive their incentive.
  • Contacting customer support can be difficult.
  • Timeliness of customer support responses is disappointing for almost half of users.
  • 20% of users feel they were misled during sign-up.

How Surveyhead Works

While there are a large number of reputable survey websites on the internet, each one operates in a unique way. In order to begin taking surveys, an individual will need to visit their website and begin registration. During this process, the user will be asked to complete their profile so that they can be eligible for paid survey opportunities. Upon completing surveys, the user will be credited a little cash into their account. Once they have reached $25, the user will be able to request their earnings via PayPal or in the form of gift cards. The request can take up to 4 weeks to be processed and sent. A unique aspect of Surveyhead is that users can complete a profile that allows them to qualify for personalised survey opportunities. This could include recommendations or even emails with new surveys to take based on a user’s interests.

Filling out paid surveys is a great way to earn a little extra money, while being able to share an opinion about a product or service. Surveyhead users are overall happy with the site due to the ease of use and recommendations that are presented to them. With a fairly impressive number of surveys available, a user can reach the $25 minimum earnings and be rewarded with cash or a gift card of their choice. The website is safe to use and credits the user with $5 upon sign-up, along with a number of new opportunities early into the survey venture.

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