Survey Spot Review

SurveySpotFounded in 1977, SurveySpot was started by Survey Sampling International to gather opinions from customers on products and services. Their market research is conducted in Canada, the United States, Europe, Australia, Latin America, and Asia. Membership is completely free and the only requirement is to be at least 18 years old. After signing up, you will become a member with full access to the website. You can then fill out some minimal information in order to get matched properly with surveys. Shortly after signing up, you should be receiving invites to begin taking new surveys. With an average of 20 surveys per month, you can expect to have a lot of options when it comes to earning money. If you take the time to fill out surveys almost every day, you will be given more surveys to take and have a higher chance of earning a lot of extra money simply by sharing your opinion online.


  • Money is transferred to Paypal immediately upon request
  • 1,000 points translates to $10 in earnings
  • Cash can be transferred with just $10 minimum
  • Numerous surveys are available every month for users
  • Test products are occasionally sent to regular survey takers
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  • Low incentives for taking surveys
  • Users have reported getting kicked out of a survey before completing
  • Customer Service can be difficult to work with at times
  • Many of the surveys are sweepstakes

How SurveySpot Works

Taking the time to understand how SurveySpot works can help a skeptic determine if this is a good website to trust. With the fast payments and high number of surveys available online, it makes sense why so many people choose SurveySpot as one of their favorite paid survey companies to work with. While there are a few negative comments from users regarding customer service and low incentive, the overall opinion of users is very positive. After taking into consideration the benefits of this company, it makes sense why so many people trust SurveySpot as their regular paid survey website.

Some of the most popular features of SurveySpot is how easy it is to get paid. While you will need to sign up and may need to take several surveys before being eligible for the minimum $10 payout, the money is immediately transferred to Paypal. Several other survey websites have a long delay in the money transfer, so it is very nice to not have to wait for the money to be sent. Many users who partake in surveys at a number of websites find that SurveySpot is a very reputable choice due to the quick transfers and ease of earning money.

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