MySurvey Review

MySurveyThe panel formed at MySurvey has been gathering feedback from consumers since 1946- a staggering lifespan in the field of survey panels. Formally named the National Family Opinion, the company gathered information via mail and later by telephone. From the early 2000s and up, MySurvey has collected the opinions of consumers online and compensated them in return for the time and effort invested in taking surveys. Membership is completely free and compensation is given in the form of points that can redeem in multiple ways. An individual has the choice to redeem their points by collecting cash or exchanging them for prizes. Along with taking surveys to earn compensation, you can earn rewards simply by logging in or entering sweepstakes MySurvey holds regularly.


  • Membership is completely free to anybody interested.
  • The website’s clean design is very easy to navigate.
  • Sweepstakes often take place where huge earnings may be possible.
  • Points can be transferred through gift cards or via PayPal.
  • Automatic entries to giveaways are granted just by logging in.
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  • A lot of surveys need to be taken in order to earn cash.
  • The website often has errors during surveys.
  • Redeeming points for cash can be a long process.
  • Very few surveys are often matched with certain demographics. v
  • Low incentive for completing long surveys.

How The MySurvey Panel Works

Upon signing up for MySurvey, an individual must complete a small profile including their race, age group and further information. These details will be used to match the individual with specific surveys that match their interests. It is important to remember that certain groups are going to be more likely to be matched with surveys, while others may only receive the opportunity to complete a few every month. Filling out accurate personal information will ensure that surveys of interest are found. After filling everything out, an individual may be matched right away with a few surveys or they may need to wait until an email with new surveys is received. Occasionally, an individual will receive an email that notifies them of a new survey which is a good match. After receiving a notification, the individual can log online and decide if they want to begin taking a survey.

The time and effort required for a survey from MySurvey varies greatly, but the points earn often reflect the amount of work necessary. Taking the time to complete the survey in full without rushing will ensure that accurate answers are given. After completing a survey, the consumer will be given the points that the survey will be worth. They have the options of keeping the points to collect over time or to redeem them right away. The points can be exchanged for cash via PayPal or for gift cards and other rewards. It is typically recommended to collect points for a period of time before redeeming them since the process of transferring can take a long time in some cases. Survey takers are entered in a number of giveaways and sweepstakes where they can increase their chances of winning by taking surveys more often. Overall, MySurvey follows through with their payments to consumers, but the amount of cash or rewards received can be low for the time and effort invested.

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