Global Test Market Review

Global Test MarketGlobal Test Market is an internationally recognized consumer research panel that has been a part of the Better Business Bureau since 2004. The company conducts research studies on a global level regarding numerous topics of interest to the general public. Some topics of surveys include current events, consumer products, restaurants, current movies, and more. The large number of topics makes it easy for practically anyone to get started completing surveys online for money. The minimum age requirement for taking surveys with Global Test Market is 14 years old and they accept participants from anywhere in the world. Points are redeemable once you have reached 1000, equal to $50. Payment is received through checks sent to your address within 1-2 months of requesting a payout. Along with receiving points for taking surveys, you will be entered in sweepstakes that are rewarded both daily and monthly. While you may not qualify for every survey offered, Global Test Market often awards some points for the attempt.


  • Sign-up and participation is available internationally
  • Minimum age for participants is 14 years old
  • Surveys include popular topics including: movies, automobiles, and more
  • Many surveys include drawings into sweepstakes for daily and monthly rewards
  • Payments are sent via check within 4-6 weeks of request
  • Several surveys available daily when a detailed profile is completed
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  • The minimum amount of money for a payout is $50
  • Short amount of time allowed for each survey
  • Points take a long time to accumulate
  • Many participants found themselves screened out during surveys

Participants Real Experiences with Global Test Market

Many people found the sign-up and first few surveys very easy to understand and begin. After signing up, you will be able to complete a profile including some personal information. The reason for this is so that you can be matched with appropriate surveys to your interests. Since many of the surveys offered from Global Test Market are about popular topics such as automobiles and current events around the world, you will likely be matched with several surveys every single day. Many participants even say they were rewarded points even if they did not get matched with any surveys.

A nice thing about taking surveys with Global Test Market is being automatically entered into sweepstakes with every survey that is taken. Many people find that 1000 points can be reached in a minimal amount of time, allowing them to cash out the $50 and begin completing surveys again. Compared to similar survey taking websites, Global Test Market is a very popular and rewarding option. With a high number of surveys available regularly and numerous topics of interest, you are likely to have a great experience taking surveys online. Being careful to complete your profile with detail will help increase your chances of getting surveys matched daily. Being patient and accurately writing your profile will ensure that you receive surveys and points that can reap you great payouts without a problem.

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