Strange and Unusual Ways To Make Money Online

by WorkFromHome on June 14, 2012

It is impossible to estimate the number of unusual ways you can make money online. A quick search on Google for “work at home opportunities” will bring up more than 70 million individual results, a testament to the breadth of the online job industry. At the top of the list are familiar work at home opportunities, like affiliate advertising, multi-channel selling, or blogging. Dig deeper, though, and you will find some strange and unusual ways to earn some extra money online.

Sell Hair and Pocket Some Cash

Selling the curls right off your own head may sound odd, but hair has become a hot online commodity. Apparently, there is no substitute for real, human hair; several hair-selling websites have sprung up where long, lustrous manes are sold for a price. Buyers can pay hundreds, or even thousands of dollars, for a particularly beautiful head of hair. If you are willing to let it all down and cut it all off, selling your hair could provide a quick boost to your household income.

Would-be hair sellers should realize that all locks are not equal in the eyes of buyers. Hairy ecommerce auction sites will categorize each offering by color, condition and length. Buyers chiefly prize tresses that are long, straight and thick. Most favored is hair that has never been colored, known as “virgin hair.” Men’s, women’s, and even children’s hair can be sold.

Here are some resources for selling hair:

Sell Your Funky Creations and Make Money

No matter what kind of unusual art you like to make, from fabrics to cartooning, you can find an online marketplace for your creativity. Internet buyers will pay good money for hand-crafted paintings and artistic objects that are out of the ordinary. Selling art online can be an unusual way for painters, digital artists, sketchers, pickers and crafters to let their creative juices flow and make extra cash from home.

Hand MadeThe field is wide open for artists with established reputations as well as those who are self-taught. In addition to virtual galleries and auction sites, you can also find platforms for selling hand-sewn or vintage items for extra cash. You can mine some gold from this unusual idea if you market on sites that suit your artistic niche. Join with like-minded artists, and participate in forums to stay current on selling techniques and trends. Take care to optimize your product titles and descriptions to gain a selling advantage over competing art marketers.

Here are some sample resources for selling your artworks online:

Just Ask for Cash

Just asking for cash might sound far-fetched, but it’s an unusual scheme that is surprisingly simple. Asking for money online is known as “cyber begging,” and there is evidence that it actually works! Cyber begging is based on the old adage that those who ask will receive. If you can make your need for money acutely apparent, you may find a few kind-hearted souls who will dip into their pockets and give you cash.

Cyber begging starts by broadcasting your need for money loud and clear. Put the message out to every available channel on the web that you need cash now. You might join an automated cyber-begging platform where you can tell your story and find sympathetic donors, but you will have to compete with hundreds of other sob stories and pay a fee for each donation. If you have a bit of online marketing experience, you could do better with your own begging website or blog.

Here are some ways to promote a cyber begging campaign:

  • Tell your story in a compelling way that convinces donors that you merit some free online cash.
  • Use social media to its best advantage by sending tweets and Facebook updates. Let it be known that you are looking for online money to come into your life.
  • Install a donation button on your website or blog. PayPal has a free version you can customize with a special message, such as “Buy me a cup of coffee if you like my story,” or “Help me pay my college tuition.”


No idea is strange or unusual if it can help you make money online. Don’t ignore any different or weird web opportunities that come your way. No matter how peculiar an idea may sound, it could be quite profitable in the end. Search for online work at home opportunities, but dig a few pages deeper in those search results. You are sure to find some strange and unusual ways to make money online.

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