Stay Healthy And Fit While Working From Home

by WorkFromHome on October 1, 2011

Working from home means that you need to have the drive to do the job as well as the right equipment. Your laptop computer, wireless Internet router and cell phone are all key pieces of office equipment but the most important component of your plan to make money from home is you. This means that you need to stay healthy and fit while spending long hours at your desk, meeting with clients or working on making the products that you plan to sell. Eating the right foods can mean the difference between feeling great while you zip through your work load and barely staying awake through the afternoon.

Charge Your Metabolism With Dairy Options

Remember the advertisements asking if you “got milk?” Well, milk and other dairy products are still an important part of fueling your body. Not only do milk, cheese and other dairy foods supply your bones with much needed calcium, but they also help to replenish your body’s energy supply and will also boost your metabolism.

Even lactose intolerant at home workers can enjoy the benefits of a glass of milk, thanks to Lactaid lactose milk and other lactose free dairy products. Not a fan of the taste of milk or hate the texture of a bowl of cottage cheese? Mix up a glass of chocolate milk the next time you need a sweet treat in the afternoon or help yourself to a bowl of cereal with milk.

Whole Grains Have A Whole Lot Of Benefits

Whole grain foods offer your body a long list of benefits that their bleached flour counterparts simply cannot compete with. For example, whole wheat pasta is more flavorful than regular pasta and provides extra fiber. Fiber is an important part of keeping your heart healthy as well as maintaining your digestive system. Whole grains’ fiber will leave you feeling fuller than if you ate foods made without whole grains, which means that if you are trying to lose weight then this is the place to start.

Even if you do not enjoy the flavor of whole wheat pasta, once you pour your favorite marinara or alfredo sauce over it, you will never know the difference! Other great whole wheat foods that you can introduce to your diet:

  • Whole wheat bread. This is great in French Toast, sandwiches or all on its own!
  • Breakfast cereals made with whole grains. Check the boxes of your favorites to see if they are made with whole grains. You might be surprised at how many are!
  • Brown rice. Look for sushi made with brown rice instead of white rice for a whole grain twist.

Be A Lean Mean Machine With Lean Protein

Although animal fat should be eaten in moderation, if at all, you should not neglect protein in your diet. Lean white meat chicken is a great way to get the protein that your body needs to fuel itself without adding extra calories. Chicken is easy to prepare in hundreds of different ways, many of which take just a few minutes of your time so you can get back to your new at home business or job. Some great chicken dishes to try out the next time you need a quick protein fix include:

  • Chicken salad. Make it with plain yogurt or low fat mayonnaise to keep the calories down and add in raisins, celery and other veggies for some extra vitamins and flavor.
  • Grilled chicken breast. Use a counter top grill to maximize flavor and minimize cooking time.
  • Saute a chicken breast or two with your favorite seasonings and extra virgin olive oil. Enjoy the extra vitamin E and save the leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

Fruit Is A Sweet Snack With Zero Empty Calories

If you do your best thinking while munching on something sweet, tart or tangy then you may have found yourself mindlessly snacking away on bowls of fattening candy or plates of cookies. These treats are delicious in the moment but their empty calories mean that the sugar high will quickly turn into an exhausting low that will zap your productivity. Eating fruit means getting a sweet treat along with a nice dose of fiber so that the full flavor sticks with you all afternoon long. An added bonus: Whether it is an all American apple or an exotic mango, your fruity snack is sure to punch an extra dose of vitamins. Some great snacks to try out:

  • Sliced apples and peanut butter for a one two punch of fiber and protein.
  • Fresh strawberries and orange slices offer vitamin C which can help ward off colds and flus to keep you working at home instead of being sick in bed.
  • Grapes are already bite sized so just rinse a bunch of them and start snacking!

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