Stay At Home Mom Jobs

Many mothers find themselves in an awkward position when they have young children at home. They are forced to choose between the family finances and raising their children. Most families cannot survive on a single income, yet most cannot afford the rising costs of daycare. Even more so, most families do not want strangers raising their children, and they want to be the major influence in their children’s life. Moms dream about work from home jobs, but they do not know what is available, so they unwillingly return to the office.

The good news is that there are many stay at home mom jobs that can be found on the Internet that require little or no experience and do not require large amounts of money to start. Most stay at home mom jobs can be done with supplies that are already in the home.

What Kinds Of Jobs Are Available For Moms?

Every mom that wishes to stay at home and work can do so, it is just that simple. There are so many different opportunities to work as an off-site employee, freelancer, or to start an Internet based business, that with a little research and creativity they can generate an income in very little time.

  • Telecommuting Positions. These positions are regular employment positions that you perform from home. You work regular business hours, have employee benefits, and receive hourly pay.
  • Call Center. Many of the larger corporations that have a large presence on the Internet or television will use home based call center operators. The great part about this type of work is that you can select hours to answer calls based on your schedule. Odd hours are often the most available.
  • Help Desk/Customer Service. Like call center operators, many corporations hire at home moms to work their help desks or provide customer service.
  • Affiliate Marketing. One of the easiest stay at home mom jobs to enter into is the affiliate marketing industry. Moms can select from a large variety of products or services to personally market, receiving commissions from sales that are made.
  • Survey Completion. Moms can voice their opinion and shape the market while being paid. There are several paid survey sites that will pay cash for your opinion.
  • Freelance Writer. There are many different opportunities available online for people that enjoy writing. Any style and any experience level can find work as a writer.
  • Mystery Shopper. Many companies will pay you to dine in their restaurants and shop at their stores to have a first-hand evaluation of their services and products. Mystery shoppers that get paid to shop can receive cash payments and/or free merchandise.

What Is Needed To Work From Home?

Stay at home moms will find that most of the things they need to work from home will already be available in their home. With a few small purchases and a few adjustments, you can be ready to work from home within a few days.

You will need:

  • An office space to perform your job. This is important. As any mom knows, small children get into everything. Having a specific place set aside to work will lower the risk of toddler involvement.
  • A computer with high-speed access. Most companies that work with people online require that they have high-speed Internet to allow for fast file transfers.
  • A phone line dedicated to your business. If you work for a call center you will be required to have a land-line dedicated to the business.
  • A personal website. This will help you promote your freelance services or personal business.
  • Printer
  • Comfortable chair. There is no reason to be uncomfortable while you are at work.

Where To Look For Jobs

It is natural to turn to the Internet to find Web based jobs, however, where you look is very important. There are a lot of scams out there, and avoiding them is simple if you know where to look for legitimate jobs.

Begin your search for positions on the different job advertising sites. Many employers are now advertising off-site jobs along with their other positions.

The next place to find freelance jobs is the different freelance job boards. These membership sites allow you to bid on different jobs and interact within the freelance community. While there are small fees associated with these sites, you can guarantee that the jobs are legitimate.