Start Working From Home With Fun Home Business Ideas

by WorkFromHome on October 18, 2011

Just about everyone has heard the saying, “if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your whole life.” While this quote is cliché, there is much truth in its wisdom. Most people drag themselves to work every day and endure stress and financial woes. This type of lifestyle takes a toll on their well-being. When you spend half of your waking hours at a job that you do not enjoy, you miss out on the fun and opportunities that await you in life. The majority of home business owners not only enjoy a fulfilling financial life that working from home brings, but also love waking up and working every day. They see their businesses as an extension of their interests and lifestyle. Owning a home business is not without its challenges, but those that love what they do can tackle tough decisions and problems as they arise with a clear head and a fresh attitude. Here are some fun home business ideas that may inspire you to say goodbye to your nine-to-five job once and for all.

Beauty/Fashion Consultant

If you have an eye for fashion or a passion for making people more beautiful, you can enjoy a financially and emotionally-exciting career as a beauty and fashion consultant. If family, friends, and even strangers compliment you on your sense of personal style, hair, and even makeup, you can pass your wisdom and expertise onto others and truly give the gift of increased self-esteem.

Beauty and fashion consultants achieve success primarily through word-of-mouth advertising. As your clients begin to get noticed by their loved ones, they will turn to you to transform their wardrobe or spruce up their makeup routine. It helps to start small when building this kind of business. Offer free or low-cost services to family, co-workers, colleagues, and friends to help spread the word. As your business begins to grow, you can start charging higher rates and offering more services, such as closet organization, wardrobe refreshing, and image consultant services. You can advertise your business in local publications, pass out business cards to anyone you meet, and expect a lifetime of satisfied and confident clients.


If you have industry expertise or training in a specific field, you can offer your knowledge to students and adults in your home or any setting. Many tutors teach online, by utilizing college or school software programs. Others prefer to teach students on a more personal level in their own home or the home of the student. For those that enjoy public speaking and teaching a specific trade to the masses, adult education facilities or learning centers, banquet halls, conventions, and even college campuses can be great places to make presentations and teach multiple classes to many students.

Tutors not only make a lot of money, but also encounter a sense of pride when sharing their skills with students. Knowledge and education is empowering. To be thought of as an industry expert in a specific field can be incredibly enriching. Local schools, college campus bulletin boards, and many online distance education facilities and colleges often post available tutoring jobs. Check your local newspaper and online classified advertisement sites to see if there are available tutoring gigs in your area of expertise. Similar to beauty and fashion consultants, tutoring is a word-of-mouth business. As word spreads about your excellent tutoring or teaching skills, your business will grow exponentially.


Computers are such a huge industry. In fact, computer sales, repair, and web design and programming are a multi-trillion dollar industry. If you have a degree or industry expertise in a variety of computer related fields, you can easily earn a six figure income with your own home business. Depending upon your level of expertise and specific computer skill, you can elect to travel to other’s homes for repairs or even work from your own home by designing custom webpages for local small business owners.

Although there are a large number of professional web design firms and computer repair squads at retailers, these companies can charge hundreds of dollars per hour. Most people cannot afford this expense, so they turn to individuals and sole-proprietors to fix or set up computer-related things. It is always best, when starting out, to offer small projects for free or low cost. Ask new clients for permission to use them as a referral in exchange for your low-cost services or pro-bono work; most will gladly oblige. As your business grows, you can charge a competitive rate for your services.

Making money with a home business is one of the most enriching experiences in life. It is unfortunate that so many people lack the resources, motivation, and determination necessary to see their dreams and visions off the ground. Fun home businesses award you with financial and emotional freedom.

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