Start a Home Business Doing Freelance Work

by WorkFromHome on September 18, 2011

When it comes to working from home, not everyone wants to spend some long period of time building up assets to be able to eventually quit their job. Some people love their job and just want a little bit of extra cash on the side with a part time job that they control. For people like this, starting a home business doing freelance work is an excellent solution. What we’re doing here is giving practical for advance people with this sort of perspective who just want to make some extra money as quickly as possible.

Identifying Skills That You Can Monetize

Before you can jump in and start making money, you’ve got to figure out what skills you have that are marketable and that can make you some money. You’re going to want to specialize in performing one type of task, no matter what that task happens to be. You don’t want to try to be all things to all people. Instead, you want to do one job well so that you can build a reputation for high quality work. Writing articles and being a consultant are two of the most common services that people in this type of scenario can perform without technical knowhow, so we’re going to explore each.

Article Writing

A lot of people on the Internet need content written. If you have knowledge in a particular area, even as a hobbyist, then it’s likely that someone out there will be willing to pay you to write about it. To get started with some writing jobs, skip over places like eLance and oDesk and sign up directly for two or three popular Internet marketing forums. Each forum should have a section where you’re allowed to advertise your writing services, and this is where you’ll promote yourself. By skipping over the middle man and appealing directly to the type of people who would purchase your services, you’ll make more money and build better relationships with people.


Working at home as a consultant is one of the most overcomplicated jobs of modern times. It’s very simple to get started, but people tend to hear the word consultant and freeze up out of fear of not being good enough. If you have sufficient knowledge and experience in any area, no matter what that area is, then there’s probably someone out there who is willing to pay you to help them with their problems. That’s all consulting is really about. People will come to you and tell you that they need some help. You ask them what their problem is, and they will inform you. Then you suggest what they do to solve the problem, and the client pays you for your advice. That’s all there is to it.

Other Skills and Expenses

If you have offline skills like sales, carpentry or anything that people are willing to pay for, then freelance work is the way to go if you want to make some extra cash. The key to doing these tasks from home profitably is to minimize your expenses. If you want to build leads on the Internet, try Craigslist or some other free forum first. There are many online classified websites that will host your listing for free, so chances are good that you can get some work without even having to pay upfront for the leads. The key to having success in working from home is to only do a small amount of basic planning and then to put your plan into action. Taking action is scary because you have a chance of failing, but it’s the only way to take a real step towards making extra money on the side. By putting yourself out there and getting some experience working for yourself, you will benefit even if you make a lot of big mistakes in the beginning.

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