Small Business Ideas Easily Managed When Working From Home

by WorkFromHome on November 27, 2011

For anyone who has ever dreamed of creating and building a small business from home, the opportunities have never been greater. The Internet now provides the potential of marketing your business worldwide and the convenience of completing your work without the expenses of outside office space or professional marketing support. Simply by starting a small business around something they were passionate about and creating a website to promote it, millions of people are now realizing a solid work from home income. Here are a few small business ideas that can be easily managed when working from home.


If you are fluent in one or more foreign languages, offering your services as a translator can lead to a profitable home based small business. With the growing globalization of world economies, the need for both written and oral language translations has never been greater. As a translator you can focus on a specific task or offer a broad range of different types of translations for clients. The level of education required will depend upon the type of client you work with and the kinds of documents that need translating.

Garden Designer

If you have greens thumbs and are experienced in growing gardens, offering your services as a garden designer is a good small business venture that can easily be done from home. Recent surveys have shown that there is currently a steady growth in the number of people growing their own gardens. While you can regionally offer on-site services, it is now possible to also offer online garden design advice to people in distant locations. There are several good, inexpensive garden design computer programs that you can use to create your designs based upon the information you gather from a client. If they need further advise on growing their plants, you can easily answer their questions in a variety of ways through the Internet.

Grant Writer

Good grant writers are always in demand. Every public organization from large not-for-profits to major cities to local beautification commissions rely on grants for funding their programs and achieving their goals. If you have good writing skills that match completing grant proposals, you can realize a steady income by starting your own business and completing the work from home. This is an opportunity to build long-term work with clients because, once the grant is awarded, there is usually a need for regular progress reports during the funding period.

Time Management Consultant

If you know the value of time management in being successful both personally and professionally, your knowledge can be a great small business that helps improve the lives of others. This is a type of business that takes very little resources to get started and can easily be based in your home. All it takes is an Internet connection, a well designed website and the ability to help people and companies organize their time in more productive ways. The real beauty to this business is that it is now possible to help clients directly online, which means you can have as many clients as your schedule allows without the need to leave your home.

Social Media Specialist

Businesses are rapidly becoming aware of the importance of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter in advertising. Today, many small business owners have neither the knowledge or time to create and update their presence on these fast-paced sites. That is why social media specialists are in strong demand and will remain so for the foreseeable future. The job requires a knowledge of how to build a business presence on social media sites in ways that boost sales. This is a good small business that you can do from home for companies either regionally or nationally.

Web Developer

This is a small business concept that can be based solely at home with an almost unlimited potential for growth. Every day there are thousands of new websites launched on the Internet. All of these sites had to be developed by someone knowledgeable in website design and programming. If you have the skills for this type of work, the income potential has never been greater. The best way to start this type of business is creating your own unique website and then market your skills to local businesses showing how you can design or update their sites in new ways. If you can bring something new to the table, you’ll be surprised at the number of business owners in your area that are eager to present themselves online in new and creative ways.

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