Skills You Need To Get The Data Entry Jobs That You Want

by WorkFromHome on October 31, 2011

Highly skilled freelance data entry professionals are considered to be among the most valued independent contractors by businesses of all sizes. Whether they are small law firms or large corporations, every day more companies are adopting a business model which utilizes outsourced data entry services by remote data entry operators to transfer data from source documents into databases. As a result, it is possible to enjoy a nice secondary or possibly even a primary income from data entry work as long as you master the skills essential to doing data entry work exceptionally well.

Data Entry Is Another Term For Typing

To get the data from one place to another, whether it is from a financial database to a spreadsheet, a doctor’s note to an insurance website or a dictated audio file to a database of client information, you will be typing it. This means that the skill that ranks most important for successful data entry operators is the ability to type quickly and accurately. Many data entry jobs from home that you will be offered in your career will include being able to type long, often incomprehensible, strings of data. It could be medical or product codes, strings of numbers or personal contact information. None of these are items which will be picked up by a spell check function in a computer program, so it is up to you to be your own data entry quality control system.

Data entry companies determine which data entry operators are continued to be offered employment in the future by keeping score of how many mistakes each data entry operator makes on each item. Inaccuracy means that your work has no value to the client, so you can imagine how data entry companies have a very low level of tolerance for errors. Similarly, clients who hire you to work for them doing data entry work directly will also expect an extremely high level of accuracy in your data entry work. If they see a lack of precision in your work, then they will not continue to hire you for future data entry work in the future.

In case it is not already clear, typing in data entry work means being able to touch type. Specifically, you need to be able to accurately type on your computer’s keyboard without looking at the keys. This is because otherwise you will not be able to efficiently input the high volume of data required by your future employers. Without being able to touch type you will be unable to do data entry work fast enough to satisfy clients who want a fast turnaround time from the time that you take on an assignment until you return it to them, completed.

Speed Typing Is A Must In Data Entry Work

Just like you need to be able to touch type in order to efficiently complete your data entry assignments, you also will need to hone your typing skills so that you can type quickly. While the minimum typing speed listed on most data entry job assignments by data entry employers is 60 words per minute, in reality 80 to 90 words per minute is the preferred typing speed.

The nature of data entry work means that you are paid on a per assignment basis. This means that the faster you can type, the higher you can drive your hourly rate, since you can take on more assignments. Find out what your typing speed is right now so that you can determine whether you are truly at the top of your typing game or if you need to take the type to practice to increase it in order to become more competitive. There are many free online typing tests that you can take and a number of typing software programs which will help you to increase both your accuracy and your speed while touch typing. The more that you practice, both with a software program and just typing everyday, the better your typing speed and accuracy will become.

Data Entry Operators Need To Be Software Savvy

While some data entry employers may require you to log onto their own web based software platforms to enter data in specialized areas such as health insurance or financial data, many others will require you to have experience with basic software programs that you already have on your home computer. If you do not already know how to use the Microsoft Office suite of programs, including Word, Excel, Open Office, Access and PowerPoint, then now is the time to learn the basics. Being able to use them at a basic level or higher is an essential part of working with many data entry employers.

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