Set Boundaries That Motivate You To Work At Home

by WorkFromHome on October 7, 2011

When you work at home, you must set boundaries and say no in order to stay motivated. Saying no actually protects your time and your mental health. Surround your day with a healthy serving of no, and erect a motivational boundary around your work from home job.

Set Priorities

Every successful business owner creates a list of priorities. Include financial goals, professional projects, and family responsibilities. When you evaluate each decision based on its value to your priorities, you maintain high energy for important projects and people in your life. Additionally, you find success working from home.

Set Work Hour Boundaries

Working from home creates a drive in you to finish more projects or find more clients in order to remain financially successful. Moreover, you cannot leave work at the office downtown when you pass your spare room office everyday. Rather than spend your life at work, set and maintain a schedule. After hours, close your office door and utilize an answering machine to screen your calls.

Set Technology Limits

The internet, email, and cell phone connect you and your business to clients. While you cannot turn the computer and phone off indefinitely, you can limit the time you spend wasting time on these tools.

Before turning on your computer, decide which websites you wish to visit. Use your time online to grow your business and connect with clients, research a project, or purchase supplies. If you only have 20 minutes, set the timer. When faced with a time deadline, you are less likely to waste time playing games or browsing videos aimlessly. Find what you need online, and turn off the monitor when the timer beeps.

If you maintain a Facebook page or blog for your business, decide if you are you willing to pay yourself to check out your friends’ family pictures or see if someone replied to your post.

Set Family Boundaries

When you sit at your desk, you need time to concentrate. Constant interruptions for homework help or play requests sap your motivation. With the exception of true emergencies, implement a closed-door policy during office hours. Give your loved ones your undivided attention during regular family meals and outings so they more easily accept your office hour boundaries.

Set Client Boundaries

Clients provide you with your income, which leads you to provide superior customer service. After accepting projects, strive to meet the deadlines and perform your best on each project. Sometimes, clients ask for unreasonable changes or try to avoid paying for your work. Charge a fair price, and write out a bill for each project. The bill includes a description of the services provided, the price, and the signatures of you and the client. Maintain clear boundaries from the beginning with each client to lower stress and prevent clients from stealing your motivation.

Set Boundaries for Yourself

That extra donut or lunch out with a friend sounds more appealing than writing a business proposal or sewing beads on a gown. Working from home allows you to make your own schedule, but you must choose to act responsibly. You do not experience a boss pressuring you to meet a deadline, but you will not receive a paycheck if you do not work.

Find motivation when you take care of yourself. Give yourself breaks during the day when you notice a drop in motivation. Stand up and stretch, take a walk, eat a healthy snack. Rather than waste time staring at a blank notepad, take a motivational break. Meditate or jump rope. Remove yourself from your workspace for a few minutes then return with increased determination and motivation to finish the job. Your social connections motivate you with new ideas and a positive outlook on life. Commit to pursuing personal hobbies and relationships outside of work.

Setting boundaries and saying no increases your motivation. When you complete more projects, you make more money while working from home. Give yourself permission to say no, and increase your success while working from home.

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