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Many people dream of being a professional photographer. However, a majority of these people have no desire to become wedding photographers or school picture vendors. These people can see beauty in everything, everywhere they go, and they can take the most wonderful photographs. Since landing a job at a world-renown magazine and traveling the world to capture this beauty is rare, these gifted photographers generally keep their talents to themselves and only pursue photography as a hobby.

Photographers can now take that hobby and turn it into a lucrative home based business with the help of the Internet. The Internet has opened the door for many hobbyists because of the ever-increasing need for website content. Access to pictures for websites, blogs, newsletters, and more has increased dramatically. This need is on a world-wide basis, so the ability to sell is not hampered by a small consumer base.

How To Sell Photography Online

Sites that accept photographs for resale can be divided in to two categories: Exclusive and Non-Exclusive. You should utilize both types of sites to make the most money from your photographs.

Exclusive sites are sites that sell photographs to single buyers, and then remove the picture from public sale. The buyer has exclusive rights to that photograph, and copyright laws apply. These sites will require that their site is the only one listing the picture for sale and that you will not post it in the future or use it for any personal means. Because of these restrictions, the payment you receive for your photos when they sell is considerably higher than a non-exclusive site.

Non-exclusive sites will allow you to post pictures for sale on their site, as well as any other site you desire. Customers pay to download the file, and there are no guarantees that others will not also use the picture. These sites pay you a commission each time your photograph is downloaded.

Both types of photography selling sites will require you to submit a release of photo document if your photos contain a person or a recognizable business. These are very basic legal forms and can be downloaded for free off of the Internet.

What You Need To Sell Your Photography Online

Each site that accepts photos for resale will have a specific pixel requirement for your photos. Your files must be able to meet these requirements or they will not be accepted. Most modern digital cameras will meet these requirements with ease.

You will need a high speed Internet connection to make quick file transfers. Most photography sites will not accept file uploads from dial-up connections because of the length of time it takes to receive the files.

Finally, you will need at least 100 photographs to get started. Some sites will allow you to upload unlimited numbers of pictures; others will limit you to 10 or 20 each month. It is also important to know that some sites will want to approve your photos first before placing them on their site. By providing several samples, you will have a greater chance of being accepted quickly.

What Types Of Photos Sell?

Any type of photograph will sell on the Internet. With such a large consumer base, there will be many needs to meet. However, some of the best-selling photographs are:

  • Landscape photographs that include a sunrise or sunset
  • Ocean pictures
  • Cloud formations
  • Technology based pictures (people using different technology)
  • Farms
  • Tree covered walkways or roads
  • Cityscapes
  • Food and beverages in different settings
  • Flowers
  • Exotic plants
  • Landscapes
  • Exotic animals
  • Pets
  • Birds in nature
  • Waterfalls
  • Unusual views of common items

Things To Remember

  • Always familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the site. Each site will pay differently, have different payout methods, and have different pixel requirements.
  • Have release forms available for any pictures containing people or businesses.
  • Submit your photographs to as many sites as possible; this increases the potential for sales.
  • Always abide by the rules of the site.
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