Selling Photography As A Hobby And A Source Of Income

by WorkFromHome on October 19, 2011

If you enjoy photography, you have the potential to generate a good income from home using the Internet. The Internet has created so many opportunities for photographers that many hobbyists have left their jobs to work as a photographer full time.

The need for content pictures on websites, in magazines, and for other media applications has increased dramatically since the Internet became so popular. Each business or individual wants their websites or newsletters to stand apart from all the rest and they make this happen with pictures.

How To Get Started

Getting started in this type of home business is very simple. In fact, you probably have close to everything you need already in your home. You will need to have:

  • A good camera that takes high resolution pictures. Resolution is not much of a problem anymore since most digital cameras are able to take professional quality pictures.
  • A computer that has editing software and a high-speed Internet connection. The high speed software will allow you to submit your pictures quickly to the various photo sites.
  • Personal release forms. These release forms can be found for free on the Internet and downloaded in a few seconds.

How To Get Started

Once you have taken your photos, you will need to start submitting them to different photography sites. There are two different types of sites that accept photos for resale: open access and restricted. An open access site will allow you to post your photos and anyone who pays can download the picture and use it freely. Restricted sites allow only a single person to purchase your photograph, and once they purchase it, they retain copyrights.

Open access sites will allow you to submit photographs that you have posted elsewhere on the Internet. Restricted sites want exclusive photos for their sales. As you can imagine, restricted sites pay more for the photos, but open access sites generate more clients.

Before you agree to sell your photographs on a specific site make sure that you familiarize yourself with the way that they pay. Some sites will pay you a specific amount each time your picture is down loaded; others will pay you a percentage of what all of your picture sales generate in a month.
There are many sites that accept pictures for resale. Each site, however, will have specifications that you must meet. Make sure that you meet these requirements for the most success. Before submitting your pictures you should verify:

  • Size and pixels required for the photograph.
  • Amount of photos you can submit each time. Is there a weekly or monthly limit?
  • Do the photos that you submit need approval before they post to the site? Some sites review all pictures before they will allow you to sell.
  • Find out the required format necessary for release forms. You will need to have release forms for any photos you take of a person or a recognizable business.
  • If the site will allow you to list your photos under multiple categories. When you list in multiple locations you have a better chance of selling your work
  • Verify if the photos are exclusive or not. Make sure you do not post photos that available anywhere else on the Internet on exclusive sites.
  • Make sure you understand the file format that the company desires

Photographs of any subject matter are highly desired on the Internet. One of the best ways to establish a clientele and generate a large income from selling your photographs is to specialize in a specific subject matter. You will generate many repeat clients by having photographs that are similar in style and subject.

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