WFH Scams

With high unemployment rates and job openings almost impossible to find, it is easy to be lured by the many work from home advertisements now found almost everywhere on the Internet and in newspapers. Unfortunately, the majority of these offers are scams. While there are legitimate work from home jobs available, they can often be difficult to find among the much more numerous scam offers. The key to knowing the difference between which ones are real and those that are phoney lies in what they promise. Before responding to any work from home offer be aware of the following warning signs.

Hugh Income for Little Work

One of the biggest attractions of most work from home scams is the promise of being able to make ridiculously huge amounts of money for very little time investment. This approach works because who wouldn’t want to make thousands of dollars per week while working only part-time placing ads on websites or taking online surveys? But, as the old saying goes, if it sounds to good to be true it probably is. The reality is that if these offers were legitimate almost everyone would be taking advantage of them. Steer clear of listings that offer ways to get rich quick because that just won’t happen. Instead, they will usually require you to pay them first just for the opportunity to apply for a job that leads to nowhere.

I’ll Show You How To Get Rich

These common advertisements revolve around an expert who is willing to share their secrets on how they became an almost overnight millionaire working from the comfort of their home. Sounds good, but the truth is that these are little more than multilevel marketing scams. You will receive an information packet or other product that shares the experts secrets, but only after you have paid $20 or more to purchase it. For the expert this is great because you just made them richer. In the end, all you will receive is nothing more than instructions on how to make up your own information product similar to the one you just purchased and then sell it to other people.

Completing Easy Tasks

Some of the oldest work at home scams are those that offer pay for simple tasks like assembling craft kits, stuffing envelopes or processing claims. The problem is that you will be required to purchase a kit, equipment or training information from them before you will be considered for a job that does not exist. No company needs to pay people working from home for tasks that can easily be completed cheaper and faster by machines or personnel that are paid the minimum wage.

Request for Personal Information

Many work at home scams are only companies looking to collect and sell your personal information or rob your credit card. No legitimate company will request any personal information or require an up-front payment of any kind before starting the job. As with all jobs, some information does need to be collected for tax purposes upon being hired. However, you should never give anyone personal information until you know the company and the job is for real. The best rule to remember is that any work at home offer that asks for money, a credit card number or personal information for no good purpose is a scam.

Finding a legitimate work at home job takes time, patience and thorough research. Always check the reputation of a company through a web search and be sure you clearly understand how and when you will be paid. Even after checking, if the company looks good but the job seems too easy, it is probably a scam. The best way to find the honest companies is through slow and steady connections. Good and honest work at home opportunities do exist. Just don’t be taken in by the scams while you search for them.

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