Rewards That Motivate You When You Work From Home

by WorkFromHome on October 28, 2011

Rewards motivate people to do nearly any task. Whether you clean toilets to pay the bills or struggle through daily exercise for a toned body, every sacrifice you make offers a reward. When you work at home as your own boss, you must find motivation within yourself to complete tasks successfully and on time. Increase your motivation by creating rewards and incentives for yourself.

Choose a Realistic Reward

If you choose to reward yourself with an expensive trip, you may find yourself discouraged at the amount of time needed to finance the reward. Keep your motivation high by dividing the reward into smaller increments. For every $100 saved, purchase an item for your trip such as a language dictionary or a new bathing suit. When you finally reach your goal, you have earned the freedom to enjoy the prize for all your hard work and perseverance.

Post Your reward

Identify motivation killers such as returning phone calls or the hour after lunch. Post your reward in large, colorful paper on your telephone or refrigerator. Visually remind yourself daily of your reward. These reminders allow you to push through creative blocks and stay focused on the day’s task.

Delay Gratification

Since infancy, the temptation to play now and work later creates conflict within everyone. Often, choosing leisure activities causes more problems when you miss a deadline or face an emergency. Rather than provide instant gratification for your every desire, choose to work first and reward yourself later. Your quality of work will improve as will your motivation to do your best and finish on time. You and your clients benefit from your decision to deny pleasure in order to do your best while working from home.

Financial Rewards

In order to make money, you must work. Perhaps your work from home job provides 100% of your family’s income. For others, work from home jobs supplement the budget and allow you to afford a second vehicle or family vacations. The importance of your income motivates you to invest as much or as little time and effort into your job as needed to make money from home. Financial rewards do not hang like trophies on your wall. However, find satisfaction and peace of mind when you pay bills on time and provide financially for your family.

Professional Rewards

When you work hard and complete each project right the first time, your clients provide positive advertisement for your services. Their word of mouth recommendations increase your business and your income. Treat yourself to a larger client base and more professional exposure by working hard. The next time you find yourself tempted to avoid work in order to play golf or take a nap, remind yourself of the professional rewards and receive motivation to work.

Time Off Rewards

Meet with a friend for lunch after you complete three successful sales. Win a new contract and take a day off to play with your family. Time off rewards could consist of an hour walking the dog or watching movies with your family after a full day at work. For larger projects that require you to slow down socially, reward yourself afterwards with a party. Whether you choose a luxurious bubble bath or a trip to the casino, create time off rewards that motivate you to work first for playtime later.

Achieve any reward you desire while making money from your work at home job. Plan a trip, pay a bill, or treat yourself to new clothes. Rewards can be financial, professional, or memorable experiences. Any motivational reward creates a desire to achieve and try harder while working from home.

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