Refill Your Bank Account With A Home Business Refinishing Furniture

by WorkFromHome on January 15, 2012

Refinishing furniture is not a hobby that you can pick up over the weekend, but if you already know how to refinish furniture or are willing to invest the time and energy in taking classes or apprenticing with an experienced woodworker, then you can start a business from your home refinishing furniture. From stripping away old varnish to reupholstering antique sofas, your home based furniture refinishing and restoration business can thrive while allowing you to set your own hours while you work from home.

Furniture Refinishing Appeals To Do-It-Yourselfers & Antique Collectors

Refinishing and restoring furniture can mean a whole host of different processes that can be used for furniture ranging from thrift store bargains to priceless heirloom antiques. You may have customers interested in having pieces of unfinished furniture stained and varnished so that they match the rest of the furniture in a specific room. Other customers may want to have an expensive antique sofa or chair reupholstered with replacement fabric following damage or perhaps to match a decorating scheme.

Damage, whether it is from a leaking ceiling, careless cigarette butts or just years of use, may be one of the biggest drives of income to your furniture refinishing and restoring business. Many of your customers may need you to do seemingly simple repairs, such as replacing the broken chair legs on a dining room chair so that it matches the rest of the set or even recaning the entire chair bottom. Being familiar with a wide variety of carpentry techniques is essential for success in repairing these often unique pieces. Remember, when a piece of furniture is an heirloom item your clients are much more likely to be sensitive to any error on your part.

Thrift store shoppers and flea market hunters are less likely to snap at you over sentimental value, but they are just as attuned to the potential value that your handiwork can add or detract from their piece of furniture. Because an error on your part could potentially destroy a client’s piece of furniture, you must be confident that you are using the right chemicals and tools at all times.

Few Quality Furniture Restorers Can Mean Great Income…

Because of how crucial high quality work is in restoring furniture, having a great reputation in your field is even more paramount than in many others. Once you have cemented your personal brand as someone who has a comprehensive knowledge of refinishing and restoring furniture you will enjoy a great income and little competition, since there are few high quality professionals in this field.

Getting that great reputation is probably the hardest part of owning a furniture refinishing and restoring business. If you are able to work as an apprentice to a master craftsman in this area, this can help you to establish yourself. Depending on your state’s laws and regulations you may be required to work as an apprentice in order to become licensed. Having the required license is mandatory if you want to instill confidence in your work in your potential clients.

Sand Away Home Refinishing And Restoring Business Challenges

Like any industry, restoring and refinishing furniture has its own unique challenges. In the beginning of your career restoring and refinishing furniture you may have difficulty accurately pricing the work that you do for your clients. A good idea is to benchmark your competition to see if your prices are in line with them each quarter.

Remember, the price that you quote to your client should include the cost of the materials that you will use directly on the project, such as varnish and stain, as well as indirect materials, like a portion of the cost of the utilities used for your shop. Do not forget to pay yourself by including a calculation for labor, as well as a small cushion for any unexpected delays due to additional challenges that occur. It is a bad business practice to change the price for the project after the customer has already agreed to an initial amount unless there are extraordinary circumstances, so take the time to examine the piece of furniture in question before quoting a price and include a 5% cushion in case you miss anything minor.

Refinishing and restoring furniture means that you are being trusted with someone’s heirloom or being paid to increase the value of someone’s bargain find. It may be tempting to use lower grade materials in order to cut your costs and increase your bottom line. In the end, though, the poor presentation will show and your home business will suffer when you lose clients and income in the future.

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