Recession Proof Work At Home Jobs And Business Ideas

by WorkFromHome on December 14, 2011

The recession has changed the way we think about money, income and the world of work. Millions of people across the nation struggle to find work and make a living. While this has affected many businesses, there are some ideas that weather economic storms and bring their owners a handsome profit, no matter the financial climate.

Internet Marketing

When some people are faced with the loss of their job, they start their own companies and create their own paychecks. Millions of these entrepreneurs start their own web-based businesses every day. They need someone to market them and help them stand out from the crowd. If you are knowledgeable about tactics to help small businesses gain a better web presence, there is a profit in it for you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Online Reputation Management (ORM) are all facets of internet marketing that your small business can explore. An internet marketing firm is easy to start up with very few costs. This business is great for someone who is willing to keep up with marketing trends and use them to translate to greater profits.

Home Staging

One of the side effects of the tanking economy is a uptick in the number of homeowners attempting to sell their homes for more affordable accommodations. The home staging industry has seen a surge of new small business owners that want to break into this highly profitable niche. A home stager prepares a home to be inspected by potential buyers. The home stager will make the home as attractive as possible to give it an edge over other homes on the market.

Start up costs for this business usually include marketing, a website and the cost of materials. A background in interior decorating is helpful but not necessary. The successful home staging business owner will have access to vendors such as landscapers, painters and furniture rental companies. There is a lot of profit to be made in this industry, especially in a recession.

Foreclosed Home Cleanup Business

Unfortunately the recession has caused scores of homeowners to lose their homes to foreclosure. In many cases, these owners leave in a hurry and leave many personal items behind. In a great number of cases, disgruntled owners will intentionally destroy the home, ripping out fixtures, spray painting walls and breaking windows. A foreclosed home clean up business will cart away any debris and personal effects left by the previous owner. They will also do minor repairs and clean the home in preparation for buyers.

Foreclosure cleanup businesses often work closely with banks who notify them of an impending move out. They also keep in close contact with the city marshal to keep abreast of homes that may be recently vacated. This business is relatively easy to start. You will need a crew to perform the cleaning and a functioning website.

Consignment Event Business

A consignment business is an excellent recession-proof business that you can start with very little funds. Choose a niche that is most likely to have gently used items. A bridal consignment or kids consignment business is a good choice. During a recession, many families prefer to sell, rather than donate, their bridal attire and childrens’ clothing and toys. Capitalize on this with a periodic consignment sale. Rent a location and advertise your sale locally. Invite sellers to bring items to consign. Take a profit from each item.

This is an excellent opportunity due to its low inventory costs. There is no need to buy your items for sale, since you are simply acting as a middleman between the buyer and seller. A consignment event business is a great work from home business that you can start on a limited budget.

eBay Selling Business

Similar to the consignment business, an eBay selling business allows people to get rid of things around their home that they no longer need. This is a big recession-proof business. During lean economic times, people are more likely to sell their possessions they no longer need. Instead of lugging them to a flea market or learning the ins and outs of selling online, they go to auction site selling companies.

An eBay seller will collect, photograph and list their items for sale. They also deal directly with buyers and handle shipping. In return, they take a portion of the profits from the sale. This is a business you can run from a spare bedroom, office or basement.

There are many great work from home business ideas that thrive, even in a recession. Provide a needed service and you will enjoy great profits, even in a bad economy.

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