Quality vs. Quantity in Affiliate Marketing

by WorkFromHome on October 12, 2011

When you’re working on different aspects of your affiliate marketing campaigns, it’s critical to always be thinking about the relationship between quality and quantity. While some people will hold one to be much more important than the other in all circumstances, the truth of the matter is that the context and specific tasks involved in what you’re doing will determine which of the two is most important at any given time. Because it’s so easy to get confused about which is the most important for any single component of the promotion of affiliate programs, in what follows we’re going to break down the different aspects of affiliate marketing and how quality and quantity are best used in each.

Traffic and Conversion Rates

When it comes to traffic sources, quality and quantity both have some level of importance. The quantity of traffic is typically measured by something like the number of visitors you get each day, and the quality of traffic can be roughly measured by your conversion rate. If you’re using search engine optimisation to get traffic, then you can increase the quality of your traffic by working on ranking for keyword phrases that match up with the offers you’re promoting. For people using pay per click advertising, you’ll often have a lot of choices about the demographics you advertise to. By testing different groups of people and different keywords, you can figure out what winning combinations lead to high-quality traffic. In short, quantity without quality in traffic will get you nowhere when promoting affiliate programs.

Lots of Content or Good Content

Search engines use algorithms to try to figure out what kind of content is high quality and what kind is not. While some people might argue that the search engines still have faults when it comes to evaluating quality, they are becoming increasingly better at it as time goes on. Because you want your money pages to stand the test of time, you’ll have to use high quality content on them. When it comes to content that is used exclusively to build links with search engine optimisation, higher quality content will generate higher quality links. However, the quantity of your links also matters, so you have to balance quality and quantity when it comes to making content for submitting articles to directories and building mini-sites.

Link Profile Considerations

Your linking profile has both quality and quantity. The quality of your link profile is mostly determined by the number of authority sites that give links back to your sites. On the other hand, quantity is generally measured by the total number of links you have. Search engines have been known to issue penalties to websites that have a high quantity of links without a lot of quality ones. Penalties are given on this basis since an unfavourable ratio of high-quality backlinks to low-quality backlinks is a good indicator of spammy linking practices. Unfortunately for many affiliate marketers, there are only so many relevant, high-quality links you can get when promoting specific affiliate programs. One way to deal with this is to convert a high amount of low-quality links into a few new high-quality links with specialised link structures and other techniques.

Achieving Balance

You need both quality and quantity to find success in working with affiliate programs. The key to success in this game is to be able to identify what parts of your work call for quality and what parts call for quantity. While using both is almost always going to be better than using only one, it’s not always possible, practical, or cost-effective.

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