Protecting Yourself From Malicious People When Working at Home

by WorkFromHome on September 30, 2011

There are people out there in the world who would do unethical or immoral things to you in order to sabotage your business, avenge a perceived insult or just for their own sick fun. Dealing with these types of malicious people is a topic that’s rarely discussed by people who want to work from home, but it’s just as important to the success of your business as anything else you could think of. The best way to protect yourself from situations like these is a combination of preventative measures that will lower the chances of any such encounter and decrease the effects of any attack that does happen.

Avoiding Unnecessary Conflict

The most critical preventative measure that you can take is to avoid all conflict that isn’t absolutely necessary. Along these lines, a mistake that a lot of people often make is arguing over topics like politics or religion. While these types of arguments are particularly common, they are not necessary for the advancement of your personal life or your business life. As such, they should be avoided as much as humanly possible. Any conflict that is not necessary can only make enemies who will try to hurt you, and it’s very hard to work at home when someone is actively trying to prevent you from getting work. In the long run, the emotional satisfaction in arguing your side will never come close to giving you sufficient compensation for the type of damage that a single person can do to your reputation and your business.

Never Insult or Criticize For Any Reason

When you insult or criticize a person, there are two ways you can make enemies. First, the person you are insulting or criticizing can come to resent you. Second, other people who see how you have treated your victim can come to dislike you. In both of these cases, you are effectively losing money because you have shrunk the pool of people who will be willing to give you business, and you have increased the group of people who will be likely to try to do you harm. Working from home means that you alone have the responsibility of maintaining your business. This means that your personal relationships with people will inevitably affect how much money you can make. If you feel like criticizing someone, find a more indirect way to suggest a change. If you feel like insulting someone, save your time and energy and use it to grow your business.

Redundancy and Defensive Measures

When you work at home, you are often all you’ve got. If a part of your business fails, then you will only be able to continue working if you have built redundancy into your business model. This dynamic creates a type of forced self-reliance since you have no bosses or co-workers to rely on when things take a turn for the worse. For people who operate websites that use advertising for monetization, redundancy could come in the form of having secondary advertising platforms available in case something happens with your primary one.

Redundancy can also come in the form of backing up files and financial records. If you are working at home providing some sort of physical service, as opposed to an online service, then you should still have defensive plans in case someone tries to sabotage your business. For example, what if someone breaks into your home and tries to destroy your computer or burn up your paper records? While attacks that go to this extreme might be rare, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your money. A potential solution would be to make backups of all of your files and data on a regular basis, and keep them stored off site or in a hidden, fireproof safe.

The Preparation Mindset

When you make the choice to work at home, you have to accept sole responsibility for the financial condition of yourself and any loved ones that you support. If someone attacks you and manages to lower your income, then you have to believe that you have no one to blame but yourself, no matter what the circumstances are. Having this mindset will motivate you to prepare against any sort of attack and to treat people in a way that will make them not want to attack you in the first place. While you cannot prevent the all effects of all possible attacks, you can drastically lower the chances that the actions of a malicious individual will put a large dent in your income.

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