Proofreading Jobs

Freelance proofreading is one of the easiest home based businesses that you can start. Your knowledge and mastery of the English language, the ability to perform research, and access to a computer are the basic tools that you need to start in this profession.

Proofreading services can encompass a wide range of written materials. As a proofreader, you may be required to read an unpublished novel, or verify the legality of terms written in an employee manual. Technical proofreaders may be required to verify schematics; website content proofreaders may need to check for plagiarism.

The list of possible scenarios that require proofreading services is nearly endless. This is the information age, and information is at some point written data. All of that data must be proofread and confirmed. This is why proofreading jobs from home have such a high potential for success.

Where To Begin

The first thing that you must do top begin freelance proofreading is establish an identity. This needs to be done both on and off line. Your online presence should consist of a personal website that provides information about your services and a point-of-contact, as well as establishing yourself in a social network with other freelance proofreaders.

Once your website is up, you should begin participating in online forums or blogs that are relevant to your profession. You will gain a lot of knowledge from this type of interaction with other proofreaders as well as make new friends. These forums are a great place to learn about opportunities, tricks of the trade, and possible scams.

You will need to actively promote your website. This can be done through article marketing, ad placements and search engine optimization. If you are not familiar with any of these Internet marketing techniques you can find abundant information online about how each marketing strategy works.

To establish your identity off line you will need to have professional business cards printed. Avoid the DIY kind that you can print at home. These perforated cards make your business look cheap and unprofessional. You may also wish to distribute a brochure or menu of services.

Pass out business cards to businesses in your area that you think may need proofreading services. Make sure to include the local copy and print shops. Printers typeset countless written pages and are always in search of a good proofreading service.

Make sure that you place your cards and brochures at the library and at the local colleges. College students make a very good clientele. Join network marketing groups in your area and participate in local events. As your circle of acquaintances grows, so will your job prospects.

Freelance Job Boards

One of the easiest places to find work from home proofreading jobs is on a freelance website. These job boards post work at home job opportunities from around the world. You can bid on any type of job once you have become a member. Most of these sites have a small membership fee, this is normal. Do not let this fee be confused with scam sites that “charge” you for information on how to find a proofreading position.

Scams are abundant on the Internet. With any good, there must be a bad. However, if you know what most scams “look” like, they can be avoided. Any site that requires you to pay for information is a scam – period. Any company that requests you to purchase a list of companies hiring proofreaders is a scam. Companies do not publish lists, they place classified advertisements or list their job needs on freelance boards. Finally, if a website is listed on a sub-domain, does not have a corporate address, or uses web-based email, they are a scam.

A Word To The Wise

When you begin your freelance proofreading career, do not be surprised if you underbid a job. Freelancing is the type of thing that takes a little time to master. This is why networking with others in your field is crucial to success.

Pricing will always depend on what the market can bear, the size and depth of the project, and what your competitors are charging. As you become more successful, pricing will become much easier.

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