When working from home, work smarter to increase your productivity. Following this advice rewards you with an advantage over competitors in your field and leads to increased income. Additionally, increasing productivity during your workday allows you more time to pursue pleasurable activities with family and friends. Maximize productivity by utilizing time saving techniques, scheduling your workday, and organizing your workspace.

When To Work

Choose the same time and same place each day to work. Maintain a schedule to motivate yourself mentally to work. A predictable schedule also limits distractions as family and friends learn to provide you with undisturbed office hours. Additionally, dress for work. You can wear pajamas and make money from home, but dressing in work clothing gives you a mental edge.

Limit Distractions

Uninterrupted time to work gives you concentration and focus. Close the door while you work. Post and maintain regular office hours. Tell your family when you are unavailable to help with homework or run errands. Set boundaries around your workday to increase productivity.

Set Boundaries

Learn to say no. You need to perform your job well in order to meet client’s expectations, but taking on too many projects causes overload. When you say yes to every project or lunch invitation from friends, you become stressed which affects your work performance. Choose projects and activities that allow you to maintain high quality and give you professional satisfaction.

Finish Projects

Unfinished projects and looming deadlines sap energy and keep you tied mentally to your work. Set goals for project completion. Track each task within the goal and establish a timeline in which to complete the tasks. Walk away when you face an insurmountable task, and focus on something else. Remove yourself from the problem, and give yourself time to sort through the frustrating issue. Finish the project then take a deserved break for fun.

Take Advantage Of Technology

Install high-speed internet. Purchase a smartphone for internet and file access on the go. Increase your technological skills in order to use a computer as a tool for advertising, marketing, and selling yourself and your products. Take advantage of social networking, and expand your business through online resources. Employ an answering machine to screen phone calls while you concentrate on a project, meet with a client, or step away from your desk. You can return all the calls at your convenience later in the day.

Stock Supplies

You waste work time when you have to drive to the store in the middle of a project for supply refills. Save time and money by scheduling time each week for errands to the bank and office supply store, and write an ongoing list of supplies to purchase.

Maintain An Uncluttered Workspace

Before leaving your home office, file papers and clean off your desk. A few minutes cleaning up every night ensures a fresh start to your workday in the morning and increases productivity. File papers regularly, return supplies to their assigned spots, and keep your office free from items not associated with your job. A home office can easily become a distracting storage room for extra family supplies or unfolded laundry.

Guard Your Mental Attitude

Productivity begins in your mind. Take steps to think positively about yourself and your business. Recognize signs of depression, which hinders productivity. Schedule time with friends, and participate in activities you enjoy outside of work.

Learn How To Handle Criticism

Clients and vendors may not always agree with the decisions you make, projects may not perfectly meet clients’ expectations, or you might be misunderstood. Identify and alleviate stressors. Frustrations mount, and you lose concentration. Practice relaxation techniques when you feel yourself overwhelmed.

Value Yourself

Treat yourself to breaks during the day. You need uninterrupted time to concentrate on projects, but sitting for too long can result in wasted time staring at the computer. Stand up and stretch or take a walk around the house or neighborhood. Eat nutritious snacks and meals to maintain energy, and hydrate with water regularly.


Give yourself permission to relax, unwind, and turn off work. Your home office tempts you to finish one more project or check e-mail one more time, but you and your family need your undivided attention. Schedule time off and enjoy life outside of work. After breaks, you return to your office refreshed and energized.

Increase productivity by implementing time saving techniques, organizing your workday and office space, and maintaining a schedule. Find more time, increase your income, and build a successful business while working from home.

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