Pride of Ownership Can Give You Motivation and Boost Your Profits

by WorkFromHome on November 15, 2011

People who work at home not only need motivation to succeed, but they also need specific types of motivation. The motivation that helps you to get work done is necessary to get through your day, but the motivation to get over the fear of running your own business is another beast entirely. Both of these types of motivation are critical if you want to make enough money to successfully work from home, but it’s not always easy to have a well of motivation built up that you can draw from. A solution to the problem with motivation that many people find useful is switching to an ownership mindset. In what follows, we’re going to look at what the ownership mindset is, how it works for you, and what it can do to improve your profitability.

What Ownership Means to You

If you make money in this world, you either work for somebody else or you work for yourself. Sometimes it’s easier to just work for other people and let them tell you what to do. However, when you do this, it gives them ownership over your work and over you as a person to a large degree. While ownership will mean different things to different people, one thing that it means to everyone is freedom. When you switch to a mindset that centers around ownership, you start seeing the world a little differently because everything is seen in context of whether you have control. With this mindset, ownership and freedom can become so important to you that you might choose to work at home 60 hours each week for yourself just so you don’t have to work 40 hours each week for someone else. The motivation that ownership provides to you can give you the power to make decisions like these.

Finding the Time to Work and Making Sacrifices

Most people who want to start their own business will never even try. One of the main excuses people like to give for not trying is that they do not have enough time. The truth of the matter is that they are simply not motivated to make time. If you want to work from home or make money online, then you’re going to need the motivation to get over your fears and get started. This will often require that you make sacrifices, like spending free time on starting up your business or working while your friends go out. To get the motivation to make these sacrifices, you’ll need to focus on having ownership over what you’re doing. If you make the necessary sacrifices in the present, then you’ll be setting up a future where you can set your own hours and you’ll never have to get a superior’s permission to take a day off of work or to go on a vacation. In essence, you’re investing your time and resources in the present, and your future returns will be in the form of ownership over your time and work.

Increasing Productivity

The ownership mindset isn’t only for people who wish they could work at home. If you already have a home business, then you can greatly benefit by focusing on the ownership aspects of your work and of your life. A common example of a situation that ownership can improve is when you find yourself doing really uninspired work just to get it over with. When you find yourself in this kind of spot, take a break from what you’re doing and think about how great it is that you get to decide what you’re doing. Be proud of how you’ve claimed ownership over your work and over your life, because even if you struggle from time to time, you are still only answering to yourself and no one else. When you really focus on this mentality, you’ll find that you more easily cut out distractions that keep you from your work. You will also find it easier to get started on your work since you’ll procrastinate less, and you’ll get more satisfaction from doing what you’re doing. All of these factors combine to drastically boost your productivity and improve your earning rate.

For People Who Haven’t Made the Jump

If you haven’t decided to start your own business or to do contract work for yourself, then here is a major tip on how you can use the ownership mindset to cultivate a reservoir of motivation. From now on when you’re at work, make a note of everything that bothers you that you wish you could change and is out of your control. Every time you notice something, remind yourself that if you had ownership over the situation, you would be able to make the necessary changes. Keep a running list on a sheet of notebook paper, and go over your list once each day. After enough items are listed, you’ll have plenty of reasons to push past your fears and to try your hand at working from home.

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